6 effective ways to reduce your children's time on smartphones

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Smartphones have become more popular today than ever. That is why children know the phone very early and use it extremely fluently.

Excessive smartphone use will cause "phone addiction" in children and lead to unpredictable consequences. So what to do to get your child out of the phone without having to scold, force or make the child cry and throw tantrum?

Getting your children away from smartphones is very arduous, takes a lot of time and effort. So, right in the first place, do prevent your kids from getting "addicted" to these devices.

How to keep your children away from smartphones

1. Put the phone out of their sight 

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

In order for your child to give up his habit of using his phone, parents need to be a good role model. Parents should only use electronic devices when sitting at their desks. Limit the use of these devices in front of children, do not encourage children to use the phone too soon. During the time when the whole family lives together like gathering around the tray of rice, family members should participate in chatting, discussing and asking more about children. When children do not see the phone, they will not nag to ask for play, but will focus on activities other than the whole family.

2. Let children participate in outdoor activities

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

Playing outside is a factor that helps children no longer need the phone. Parents can bike with their children in the park near their home every afternoon after school, can also let their children play badminton with their neighbors or take their children to swim on weekends, go fishing... Not only physically, but also the communication skills, creative ability... are also promoted effectively by such activities. Children will not only find fun in life, but can also interact with the outside world more than just staring at the phone screen.

3. Encourage your children to read

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

Parents must set an example because children often follow their parents' behaviors. If the mother likes to read, the child will have the same habit. Reading is less interactive and of course not as exciting as a smartphone. But reading will help parents connect with children, and help increase knowledge for both parents and children. Children often exposed to books will promote their love of reading so parents should equip a bookshelf in the home, with the type that the child likes so they can read whenever.

4. Let children do housework

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

Doing housework is good for children, so moms should practice early chores. Participating in household chores also helps children increase their time of activity and reduce the amount of playing on the phone. Get your child excited by treating chores like games, they will enjoy them more and don't feel uncomfortable. Time to do chores together is also the time when children can talk with their parents, and parents will also teach children valuable life skills during the conversation, such as teaching children like how to cook things. Simple dishes, know interesting tips while doing housework…

5. Choose useful and creative toys for children

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

For children to forget the phone, parents can let their children play other interesting but useful toys such as lego, puzzle, numbers, words, blocks... These are all useful toys. in children's intellectual development. We do not need to buy too many toys for children, buy the things that children can create and assemble into new ones, rather than buying a toy with only one function because it will make children quickly bored. Play with your child to make them more excited.

6. Spend more time with your children

6 effective ways to reduce your childrens time on smartphones

Many parents who are busy use the phone as a dedicated "babysitter" to help look after their children. That is why it is easier for children to become addicted to phones. You should spend more time with your children and talk to them. Certainly any child would prefer to play with their parents rather than a phone.

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