6 eating habits that weaken health

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Eating too fast, finishing meals, eating clumsy ... are habits that cause serious harm to health.

  There are eating habits that many people think are harmless, but in fact it has a great potential risk for your health.
Sometimes because work is so busy, it makes you susceptible to unscientific eating habits. However, many people do not pay much attention to and repeat these bad habits. As a result, health will gradually be affected and put you at risk of a series of harmful problems.

Here are some of the wrong eating habits that you should fix right away to avoid harming your health..

1. A too fast

Eating fast is considered a must in modern life. However, when eating fast, you also skip to enjoy the food. This will slow down the metabolism, food metabolism of the body, and also make the digestive incomplete.

Not only do you eat too fast, but in life, whatever you do in a hurry, triggers the body's stress response, making your breathing more urgent, the blood is transferred to your hands and feet, causing the digestive system to stop. The digestive enzymes are depleted, the intestinal transport accelerates causing diarrhea or slows down causing constipation, nutrient absorption is halved.

6 eating habits that weaken health

To relax before eating, take a deep breath to expand the diaphragm, stimulate the vagus nerve from the brain to the colon, relax the body. Spend a few more minutes on meals, because the less time you have for meals, the less you will feel full.

2. Eat clumsily

It is a habit for some people to hide chocolate bars or pack cakes in closets and desk drawers.

However, this awkward eating is often associated with shame, embarrassment, and even haste that makes the brain unable to feel the "eating pleasure". This habit only creates more stress, reduces secretion to satisfy digestive stimulation endorphins, nutrient absorption, calorie burning, stimulates metabolism. The more you will eat in this condition.

3. Eat Fasting

You should eat enough meals during the day, make snacks to eat and have a plan for eating. Eat extra protein every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar in balance. (Illustration)

6 eating habits that weaken health

The fasting causes the body's hunger signals to pop up during the day due to lack of energy and nutrition, which can make you lose control later Sometimes this type of eating, called nocturnal syndrome, is more common in men than women, causing weight gain or even depression..

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When you're hungry for a few hours, your blood sugar drops, leaving you craving for energy-dense foods like starch and sugar. But eating a lot of carbs will spike blood sugar, making you hungry faster. Along with that, in the evening, the biological mechanism falls into a state of sleep that prevents food from being fully digested.

You should eat enough meals during the day, make snacks to eat and have a plan for eating. Eat extra protein every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar in balance.

4. Eat when stressed

When stressed, many people tend to seek food due to the release of cortisol hormone in the adrenal glands. Increased cortisol levels cause appetite, especially cravings for sugar and fat. Cortisol will convert excess calories into abdominal fat, posing serious health risks. Stress also reduces intestinal acidity as well as the ability to absorb nutrients. Not only does it harm digestion, it also reduces the body's ability to repair itself.

Remind yourself that eating cannot reduce stress, instead take a shower, go for a walk, take a deep breath, focus on positive thoughts or relax.

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5. Eat without mind

Eating and drinking when doing other things makes it easy to eat continuously. Research shows that the easier and unlimited access to food is, the more people eat. A 2006 study found that people can eat up to 71% more while eating and watching television.

6 eating habits that weaken health

When you eat, you should finish eating before doing other things. If you have a habit of eating while watching TV, you should give up soon. Also, when eating something, do not eat the whole package but should take out the plate to divide it better.

6. Do not eat breakfast often

Many people often have the habit of skipping breakfast without knowing that this is a habit that is not harmful to health, especially it can increase the risk of cancer. A nutritious breakfast will help you balance your blood sugar and provide more energy to stay active throughout the day. So, take some time in the early morning to get the nutrients you need for your body!

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