6 Eating habits sooner or later can cause cancer

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Today, everyone's work is very stressful, to improve work efficiency and save time, so people often have abnormal eating habits, which is also a major cause of cancer.

Cancer is on the rise and getting younger. Although there have been no studies showing the exact cause of cancer so far. But there are many different factors that increase the risk of disease. Including eating habits.

There are many cancers caused by daily eating habits. Therefore, to prevent cancer, we have to give up the following diet.

6 Eating habits sooner or later can cause cancer

6 bad eating habits that can cause cancer

1. Likes to eat hot food

According to a warning in a report by the IARC Center of the World Health Organization (WHO), drinking hot beverages above 65 ℃ may increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Evidence, in many cases, doctors have found that patients with gastrointestinal cancers, especially esophageal and gastric cancers, have a common characteristic: They like to eat very hot foods. , especially enjoyed eating the food just taken from the pot.

Normally the esophageal mucosa withstands temperatures of 40-50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if we eat and eat hotter foods that can be dangerous, hurt, ulcers and other problems for the esophagus.

2. Skip breakfast often

Currently, work is busy, many people do not have time to eat breakfast. Studies show that not eating breakfast often will cause stomach disease. This is because after a night of sleep, your stomach releases gastric juice to prepare for the digestion of breakfast food. Therefore, if the stomach is empty, gastric juice and stomach acid will directly harm your stomach. Scientists have issued a warning that skipping breakfast regularly causes gallstones and gallbladder cancer.

6 Eating habits sooner or later can cause cancer

3. Eat too fast

The pressure of work and life puts office workers in high stress. It seems that eating is only for simple physical needs, so the eating speed is very fast. In fact, this is very harmful to your health. Eating too quickly can cause serious discomfort such as indigestion, even acid reflux.

Biting the pieces is too big and chewing too quickly, causing saliva and enzymes to fail to secrete to lubricate and break down food into smaller particles before it enters the stomach. Eating fast also makes you swallow a lot of air into the abdomen, thereby causing bloating, bloating, gastrointestinal damage, even cancer.

4. Eating without rules

Eating on time is a common problem for modern people, in fact, this is very detrimental to the body. Irregular eating habits can lead to obesity and stomach cancer. In clinical practice, when asked about cancer patients, many people have such problems, either do not eat breakfast, or eat late, or eat snacks in the middle of the night.

Traditional medicine believes that eating on time is beneficial for the normal functioning of the spleen and stomach function, and supplementing and regulating blood flow can protect the body, avoiding the imbalance of 5 internal organs. , prevent cancer development. On the other hand, the diet is conducive to salivation, and periodic salivation will work in eliminating carcinogens.

6 Eating habits sooner or later can cause cancer

5. Eat out often

Today is an era of rapid economic development, people's living standards have also changed, and it has also changed the good habit that the whole family at home to make rice. Many people, because of their work characteristics, often go out to eat and drink, which is really harmful to health. On the other hand, due to regular outings eating time is not fixed, soon one afternoon will damage the spleen and stomach function, one step further to cancer.

In addition, the food sold outside, the processor often helps dishes colorful and aromatic should have used the method of frying at high temperatures, or adding large amounts of flavoring agents. In these aromas contain a lot of carcinogens.

6. Drink alcohol often

People often drink a lot of alcohol on parties, certainly increasing the burden on the digestive tract and providing conditions for the occurrence of cancer. From a health care perspective, moderate drinking can stimulate nerves. Physiological functions such as blood circulation, which can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, create appetite and benefit sleep may also be affected.

The main component of alcohol - ethanol, is a toxic substance that damages the tissues and cells of the human body. Drinking alcohol will irritate the lining of the esophagus causing enormous damage, especially alcohol at concentrations higher than 60 degrees will cause damage to the esophageal mucosa clearly in a short time.

A study at Williams University in Sweden found that men over 45 who drank little or no alcohol, the risk of esophageal cancer was reduced by 50%.

Especially, you should avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. When drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, because there is no food in the stomach, alcohol is rapidly absorbed through the stomach lining, directly increasing the concentration of alcohol in the blood, harmful to the human body. Therefore, before drinking alcohol must eat food, when the breakdown of energy generated can give the liver "burn" alcohol.

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