6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

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In addition to savory dishes, do not miss the delicious Singaporean sweets such as talam ubi, ongol ubi, ang ku kueh, harum manis and ondeh ondeh.

Referring to Singaporean cuisine, we can't help but mention crunchy kaya toast, spicy crabs or the famous Hainanese chicken rice. Singaporean cuisine has a lot of influence from Chinese cuisine, but it also has its own characteristics. Especially the delicious Singapore sweets below.

6 best sweets to eat in Singapore

Talam Ubi

Talam Ubi is a traditional Singaporean pastry. This cake has the color and shape of a lemon. With an eye-catching orange-yellow bottom part, the cake has a thin white top that makes it more appealing.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

The main ingredient to make talam ubi cake is the dough that is finely kneaded, adding palm sugar to create a yellow-orange color for the base and coconut milk for the top. The mixture will be steamed in small cups, while steaming will add coconut milk and shredded coconut on top.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

When eating, you will find the flour is very fragrant, smooth, moderately sweet, especially coconut milk to make the cake richer. Talam Ubi is a very popular pastry in Singapore. It is widely sold in malls, convenience stores and even street vendors.

Ongol Ubi

Ongol Ubi is an afternoon snake often made in many Singapore households. The ingredients to make this Singapore pastry are also quite simple and familiar. You just need to knead the dough with the pineapple leaf juice to make the cake green and have a mild fragrance. If you want more colors for the cake, you can use black rice to make it black, Gac for red ... The dough will be divided into small pieces, then steamed with grated coconut.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

When enjoying ongol ubi you will feel like eating Vietnamese banh beo. It's a little chewy, the sweetness is just right, and it's fragrant. To enjoy the right cake, when traveling to Singapore, you should visit the markets of this lion island.

Ang Ku Kueh

Ang Ku Kueh is a cake originating from Malaysia and Indonesia that was introduced to the lion island nation many years ago. Do not know since when, ang ku kueh has become familiar and becomes a specialty of Singapore here.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

Ang ku kueh is colorful, has a characteristic sweet taste, is made from flour, grated coconut and steamed on a banana leaf. This Singapore pastry is quite simple from its taste to appearance. However, you will be attracted and eaten without stopping while enjoying.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

In supermarkets and markets, ang ku kueh is made with a variety of colors to attract diners. You should enjoy the cake with a cup of tea, if not, it will be a bit sweet.

Harum Manis

Harum Manis is known as the Singapore banana cupcake. With eye-catching appearance and sweet and attractive flavor, harum manis will conquer all diners. You will definitely be surprised when you just taste this Singapore pastry.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

The cake will consist of two parts, the shell made from flour and eggs with the same composition as kaya toast. The simple filling consisting of just ripe bananas is cut into slices so that the crust fits well. The cake will be steamed instead of fried, so when you eat it you won't feel greasy. Banana core should be eaten in sweet with the foam outside.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

Ondeh Ondeh

Crispy, sweet and beautiful pastel colors are the weapons that help ondeh ondeh to attract the attention of the customers. The beautiful little ondeh ondeh cakes are made from glutinous rice or mashed potatoes, the pastel green color is created from the pineapple leaves, the sweetness of palm sugar and the cake will be covered with a thin layer of grated coconut.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

This cake is suitable for those who love sweetness because the taste of palm sugar will fill your mouth. Ondeh ondeh is like a sweet ball, when eaten, you will feel the spread of pineapple leaves, sugar and flour.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

This traditional Ondeh Ondeh is quite popular at many small grocery stores on the beautiful island nation. They usually sell a small box of 4 lovely ones that you can buy as a gift for the whole family.

Kueh Bugis

Singaporeans often like the combination of flour and Pandan leaves when baking, so most of the pastries here are green. The bugis kueh cake is no exception. Bugis kueh cake is also made from glutinous rice flour, pineapple leaves and coconut rice and then steamed.

6 delicious sweets you must try in Singapore

When eating this dish, you will feel the richness of the coconut rice, the sweetness and the fat from the coconut milk. And because it's a steamed cake, it's also easy to eat, not bored. In particular, the sweetness of this cake is not too harsh, very moderate.

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