6 cleanest cities in the world

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Clean city is one of the crucial factors that determine the quality of human life worldwide. Besides, for the tourism industry, it has always been a huge advantage in attracting tourists, creating the economic advantage of the country.

Countries with clean cities in the world are usually countries with developed and growing economies. These cities have a common point of being invested in protecting the environment and improving the high quality of life.

1. Berne, Switzerland

6 cleanest cities in the world
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Bern (or Berne) is the capital of Switzerland, known to the Swiss people as the Bundesstadt, i.e. The federal city. The reason for this designation is that the city of Bern was the first city to be involved in the establishment of the Swiss federal state. Founded in the Middle Ages, it has now existed for over 800 years, and Bern has witnessed many of the ups and downs of history but luckily as the city retains its ancient beauty until now.

There are not many skyscrapers in Bern, the city's highlight is the vaulted houses and the small cobblestone streets covered with trees. In particular, all houses in Bern are painted in moss blue with a variety of shades, which make the architectural populations extremely impressed with the first time visitors arrived. It is worth noting that when it comes to Bern, there are many bears, from the square to the top of the Unterforbrucke bridge. By the German language, Bern means the bear. In addition to the bear statue, you can also see pictures of bears appearing on badges, flags, and souvenirs in the street shops.

2. Helsinki, Finland

6 cleanest cities in the world
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Helsinki City ranks second in the cleanest cities in the world with a relaxed atmosphere and luxurious lifestyle. One of the most famous sites photographed in Helsinki is the Kauppatori market and Linnanmaki amusement park.

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3. Wellington, New Zealand

6 cleanest cities in the world
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Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is near the southernmost point of the North Island on the Cook Strait. A clean, compact city that includes a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a working harbor and colorful wooden houses in the surrounding hills. From Lambton Quay, the iconic, red Wellington cable car to the Wellington Botanic Garden. Strong winds through the Cook Strait set it to the alias "Windy Wellington".

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

6 cleanest cities in the world
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The city is green, clean when many of the vehicles are used by people as bicycles. Nearly 45% of the people here use bicycles for travel, which are results from the use of bicycles to protect the infrastructure, phase 2011-2015. The dominant point of this campaign is a development program developed by the city traffic room, which made Copenhagen the "best bicycle city in the world", through bike lanes completed in 2014. However, it is more important than the citizens of the city to have a chance to wander around the coast, to the most beautiful places of the city. Next came the control of carbon emissions in the air, 2012, City Mayor Frank Jensen and technical director and environmental City Ayfer Baykal proposed the climate plan CPH 2025 aimed at bringing Copenhagen into a neutral city that was of carb On in the world's first air. The three top priorities of Copenhagen are accelerating the transformation of transport infrastructure structures, enhancing public utilities, and reestablishing urban stillness, which is concentrated in deploying mainly in two major areas in the city center is the Sankt Annæ Place and Ophelia Beach.

5. Minneapolis, U.S.A.

6 cleanest cities in the world
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Minneapolis is the largest, cleanest city in the state of Minnesota. Minneapolis spreads on both banks of the vast Mississippi River, north of the river's tributaries to the Minnesota River, adjacent to Saint Paul. Travel, Minneapolis, visitors has the opportunity to visit, discover attractive destinations such as The chain of water in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Art Institute, Minnehaha Park or visit the famous fame Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, Hoa and the rhythm of active life The city with rewarding activities for the environment.

Dubbed a "City of Water" by the possession of Anthony Falls, it was named by the French explorer Fr. Louis Hennepin in 1680. St. Anthony Falls is the largest source of water on the Mississippi River. With a big advantage of water, the waterfall has been exploited to serve the production of milling mills in the years 1840, at the same time, the Great Lakes have made the city park attract tourists from all over to even the single Merely for wanting to walk and pedal around the lake.

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6. Kobe, Japan

6 cleanest cities in the world
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Kobe in Japan is the third cleanest city in the world. It was one of the first cities to open trade with the Western World in 1868, and as such, is called the international port city.

Kobe was influenced by the quake in the year 1995, in which hundreds of residents were killed and injured. The city recovered rapidly emerged as one of the top cities in the world.

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