6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

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Besides famous spots that are always crowded with tourists, the pristine islands in Greece are also an interesting choice for you in this country.

When your travel plans can start again, it is a wonderful thing to explore the pristine islands of Greece for your summer vacation.

6 pristine islands to travel in Greece 


Zakynthos is a pristine island you should visit once when traveling to Greece. It is the third largest island of the Ionian archipelago, in the shape of an arrowhead, pointing to the northwest. The western part is a rolling hillside plateau covered with a jewel-like shimmering blue in the ocean. The southwest coast is mainly steep cliffs that make others overwhelmed when admiring. The eastern part is a densely populated, fertile plain, with beaches stretching across the fine white sand.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

The highlight and most tourist attraction in Zakynthos Island is Navagio Bay - where the wreck of a ship called MV Panagiotis carrying smuggled cigarettes was sunk here in 1983. Navagio Beach is located between steep cliffs. Standing gives visitors a sense of isolation. Here, you will be immersed in the wild scenery with beautiful limestone cliffs, white sand beaches mixed with clear blue water, the beauty can capture all souls.

Zakynthos Island also owns many beautiful caves forming natural arches facing the sea, blending with the colors of the blue sea to create a wonderful natural beauty that cannot be described. Besides romantic beaches with crystal clear water and picturesque views, this unspoiled Greek island is also known for its beautiful villages and historic sites.

Ikaria (Icaria)

The next island that you should explore when traveling to Greece is Icaria Island or Ikaria - a beautiful Greek island in the famous Aegean Sea. This romantic place not only possesses a peaceful beauty with blue sea water but also has a poetic natural landscape that attracts tourists.

The topography of Ikaria Island contrasts the verdant slopes and barren rock, with most of the island being hilly and mountainous. The Aetheras range running across the island creates a majestic and beautiful natural landscape.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

Most of the island villages are located in the plains near the coast, making it an ideal getaway for visitors to Ikaria. One of the most impressive places is the village of Evdilos, located on a steep mountain slope covered with oak trees and a rose forest. Here visitors can experience hot spring baths or participate in traditional parties with attractive local dishes.

Kea (Tzia)

Kea, also known as Tzia, is a small island in the Cyclade archipelago connected to the mainland. Kea may not stand out on the tourist map, but it is perfect for families, individual groups and couples on vacation. Spend time visiting the ancient ruins, local food and relaxing on the beach.

Kea Island is very familiar to the Athenians because of its year-round temperate climate, rich historical culture, tranquil beaches and peaceful coastal villages. If you want to learn a little about the past, Kea is the place for you because there are many monuments bearing the old imprints on the island.

Hotels in Kea are very cheap, costing from USD 42-53, for example Cavo Perlevos Studio Hotel or Holiday Rooms.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind


An island very close to Athens, Agistri is an extremely economical option if you want to spend your holiday time traveling to Greece.

Agistri Island, also known as Angistri, located extremely near the Aegina is a very popular weekend destination for Greeks and European tourists.

This is considered a paradise away from the city and is a great destination for those who are looking for a place to rest on a reasonable budget.

Surrounded by the island are dense forests and the clear emerald green color of the sea water. On the island there are also many delicious eateries, a few bars and places to hang out at night.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

Agistri's beautiful, calm water surface is also a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and then relaxing to enjoy in the peaceful picturesque villages or sunbathe on the beach. You can book a double room at the price from 30-34 USD per night.


Kythnos - a lovely little island in Cyclades - attracts visitors with more than 70 enchanting beaches, especially the Kolona Beach.

Kythnos Island is famous for its small villages that still retain Cycladic architecture, cobblestone streets, and bustling community centers with small cafes and eateries. Among them are the ancient stone Naxian Terrace of the Lions, and the majestic Delos Theater. There is also an excellent archeological museum, which records the mythical history of the island as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and holds historical values ​​of the Delian League-come-Athens.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

Kythnos is the most suitable place if you really want to spend some time relaxing. You can stop at Kythnos Bay Hotel for about 48 USD for a double room.


Greek Antiparos is a small Cycladic island almost in the center of the Aegean Sea, right next to the international 'sister' of Paros. Actually Antiparos Greece is so close to Paros that you only need about 30 minutes with a ferry to cover the small distances separating two beautiful islands.

Although the Greek Antiparos may not be as spectacular or crowded compared to other world famous Cycladic islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos or even Paros, it is still a place that will make your stay astonishing. Interesting and unforgettable but from a completely different perspective.

6 best uncrowded islands in Greece to refresh your mind

On the Greek island of Antiparos, you will not find sophisticated restaurants, luxury hotel units, media outlets or many tourists from all over the world. The island is quite a hidden 'gem' that offers its magic only to the few who are willing to explore it, because you won't find the holiday packages of most operators. calendar if available. You must be willing to learn the so-called 'hidden well' the Aegean island that is still often untouched by the downsides of mass tourism.

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