5 ways to relieve itchy skin

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Using some of natural herbs in your house may also be effective against the skin infection and itching.

Here are some good tips for believers to avoid abusing when the skin is inflamed, and also regaining the smoothness of the skin.

5 ways to rescue itchy skin:

Coconut oil

5 ways to relieve itchy skin
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When your skin is itchy for any reason, because of dermatitis, insect bites or dry skin, coconut oil is one of the right choices. Simply put, you only need to rub the area with itchy coconut oil and let it penetrate the skin, the discomfort state will be disappeared. Coconut oil helps smooth the skin, itchiness


5 ways to relieve itchy skin
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With a rich composition of vitamin C, lemon is also a fruit with very strong anti-inflammatory properties. When your skin is caused by an infection that causes an itchiness, using a few drops of lemon juice is also effective. How to use - Cut the lemon in half and squeeze a bit lemonade on the itch area, then let it dry and you will see the phenomenon of itchy skin is terminated.

Baking soda

5 ways to relieve itchy skin
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Baking soda is also a product that helps you get rid of skin inflammation and itching. Use a 3-part ratio of baking soda with 1 water mixed together to make a pure mixture and then apply it to the itchy skin. Wait for them to dry, then rinse with warm water, the phenomenon of inflammation and itching will gradually disappear. Note: Do not use baking soda in areas where the skin is burning

Apple cider vinegar

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5 ways to relieve itchy skin
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Apple cider vinegar with a natural acid content has a very good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. So no need to go far, just using apple cider vinegar can also solve the problem of dermatitis. Use a cotton ball to dip them into apple cider vinegar water and then place on the area of ​​itchy skin and wait for it to dry. The itching phenomenon will soon disappear.

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Aloe tree

5 ways to relieve itchy skin
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Aloe is very close to women because of its effects for skin care. Moreover, aloe vera gel can also help believers solve inflammatory and itchy skin problems. How to use - Cut the aloe leaf horizontally and rub its resin over the area of ​​skin that is itchy due to inflammation, insect bite or dry skin, you will feel more comfortable. Aloe gel not only helps smooth skin but also treat skin itching

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