5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

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How to fold travel clothes to save space? How to fold clothes in order not to wrinkle is quite a headache problem for many people, especially women. There are many ways to fold items that will help you carry the world on your back in a flash.

Traveling is a trip that not only helps you relax after a hard working day but also an opportunity for you to dress up in new clothes. So that everyone wants to bring their entire wardrobe to travel but do not know how to arrange things to save space. The following article of Poliva will help you get 5 ways to fold clothes extremely simple travel.

How to fold clothes to travel with 5 extremely simple moves

If you are still wondering about how to fold travel clothes appropriately, you can perform immediately 5 tips of folding clothes below.

Fold shirt neatly and flatly:

Folding the shirt properly will not only help wrinkle-free shirts, but also save your suitcase or backpack area when traveling. Having the correct folding method also makes the shirt durable as new. For a shirt, simply turn it upside down on the table and fold the sleeves of the shirt inward diagonally.

5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

Then fold the shirt in half so that the end of the shirt touches the shoulders and continues to fold again in the same direction. Finally, you turn the shirt upside down and fold it on both sides so you have a very simple way of folding your traveling clothes.

No need to spend evenly 1 minute folding simple T-shirts:

T-shirts are indispensable in everyone's travel bags. For T-shirts you can choose from many folding ways such as curling, folding to fit your suitcase or backpack.

5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

It takes less than 1 minute and you can fold the T-shirt in 2 ways:

Method 1: Fold one part of the tail to the opposite, the length of the folded section should be from 6 cm - 8 cm. You then fold the 2 edges of the shirt inwards so that the shirt becomes half compared to the original shirt. Next you roll the shirt from the top of the shirt to the hem of the shirt and then flip the tail of the shirt just folded to keep the shirt from being pulled out.

Method 2: You just need to fold the two edges of the shirt inside, then continue to fold the shirt vertically you just folded. In the end, you only need to fold the shirt to finish it is very simple.

How to fold shorts to save space:

Many people think that shorts do not need to be too fussy to fold because it does not take up much space in your suitcase. But actually, if you do not have the right way to arrange shorts, it is a problem that makes your suitcase not enough to hold other items.

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5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

With shorts you just need to fold simply by: folding the pants in half, then crimping the crotch inwards for flat then continue folding into three pants from the waistband. It only takes less than 3 seconds that you have neatly folded shorts to save significant area.

How to fold socks, underwear:

For socks, you can perform the following folding: You start rolling each socks from the toes up. After you curl up to the top of your sock, you just need to fold it over the neck of the stocking to make sure the socks don't go off.

5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

In addition, you can also put 2 socks together and then perform the same way. For women's underwear, you stack the bra on top of each other or double the breasts and then insert all the underwear into the gap of the chest. With this arrangement, you can save space, and keep from the bra.

How to fold jeans to eliminate cumbersome worries:

Jeans are also one of the indispensable items for every trip. However, many people are quite afraid to bring a lot of jeans because they occupy too much space. You can fold jeans in the following way to eliminate the bulky worry in your suitcase. For jeans, you cross a hem of the pants to a 90-degree angle and then fold the inside of the pants a little.

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5 ways to fold clothes to travel in just 1 minute

Next you just need to curl up from top to bottom. Finally, after folding, you turn up the back of the pants and fold it up. With this simple way of folding your traveling clothes, you can comfortably carry lots of things without worrying about insufficient space.

The above article of Break has shared with you 5 ways to fold clothes to travel without wrinkles in a snap. We hope you will have a good trip with friends and family.

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