5 ways to fall asleep faster

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So how do we get enough sleep? Here are 5 ways to help us quickly get a good night's sleep.

From the elderly to the young, anyone can have trouble in sleeping. A normal person needs to sleep about 8 hours a day, even best to sleep before 11 pm. But you go on and on thinking about miscellaneous, looking at your watch and being alarmed because it's too late to worry. So how do we get enough sleep? Here are 5 ways to help us quickly get a good night's sleep.

5 ways to fall asleep faster

Create yourself a suitable sleeping space

If you have an old, rough mattress, do not hesitate to throw it away if you do not want to feel uncomfortable, something that can make you sleep badly. A few small changes to your bed can also make you sleepy like using cotton sheets because they are not itchy. Another tip is to use a satin pillow instead of cotton as it will give you a comfortable, cool feeling when you sleep. The best room temperature for sleeping is between 26-28 degrees C. The room must ensure air circulation.

5 ways to fall asleep faster

Turn off the lights

Darkness is absolutely essential because light suppresses sleep hormones and raises your body temperature by producing the hormone cortisol, which makes you "awake".

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Do not use electronics

5 ways to fall asleep faster

Most people just before going to bed surf to check social networks or for entertainment. Phones, televisions and computers attract us. They wake the brain and be alert. So, to help you sleep better, you need to say goodbye to your beloved phone. It is necessary to avoid these devices before going to bed because the light from them reduces the quality of sleep. Fight the internet if you have stayed awake many nights because they only make your insomnia worse.

Say no to stress

An important way to sleep is to remove anxious thoughts from the mind. The sound of rain and soft music help you fall asleep easily. If you are a worrier, avoid thinking about what happens during the day. Nor should you imagine scary or violent things. If you find yourself distracted too much, play a melody and drop your soul into the music.

Try some relaxation techniques

5 ways to fall asleep faster

Exercise: Study the exercises before going to bed, you can do it in about 10 minutes.

Meditation: This method is always a way of resting the mind and avoiding stress, which is favored by many people from generation to generation. However, to be able to meditate properly, you need to learn and practice a lot.

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Enter the fantasy world: Try to imagine what makes you happy or what you dream about. Think of your ideal day, beautiful children, the beach, or simply someone you love.

Breathe through "4-7-8": First, put the tip of your tongue on the incisors and exhale. Then, close your mouth and breathe in your nose for 4 seconds and then hold your breath for 7 seconds. Finally, exhale completely through the mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat these steps until you fall asleep.

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