5 tips to treat headaches "urgently" without taking medicine

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Depend too much on headache medicine will be very harmful to health.

 Therefore, apply the following tips to treat headaches without using medicine.

5 tips to treat headaches "urgently" without taking medicine

Use peppermint oil, aromatic oil:

5 tips to treat headaches urgently  without taking medicine

When you have a headache, just take a little peppermint oil rubbed into the temple. The fresh, spicy feeling of peppermint will help you relax, reduce the headache for you after about 15-20 minutes.

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Just like peppermint oil, oils such as lavender, coffee, lemon, grapefruit essential oils, etc., these aromatic essential oils work to help you feel relaxed and quickly relieve headache symptoms.

Massage acupressure:

Can rub a little more mint oil and conduct acupressure with special attention to the acupuncture points on both temples.

You can vent in an arc from the temples to the forehead and finish at the intersection of the eyebrows, which will help increase blood circulation to the brain to dispel your headaches quickly.

Applying a cold or hot towel:

Applying a hot or cold towel to the head will help the nervous system, blood vessels to expand, circulate blood well, and the headache will soon disappear.

Bathing in warm water in the shower or soaking in the bath:

5 tips to treat headaches urgently  without taking medicine

Taking a warm shower will help clear blood vessels throughout the body, including the head. This will help you feel relaxed, bright, and reduce the feeling of a headache.

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Besides, you can also cook mint leaf juice, grapefruit juice, lemongrass leaves, ... mixed with just enough proportion to warm water when soaking.

Soaking in warm water is just as effective as showering, dispelling aches, and relieving headaches.

Massage in a circle:

This is a trick to treat headaches of Indian. This massage is done as follows:

Place 2 index fingers at the end of the eyebrows and move in a gentle circle towards the temples. Gently move your hand in one direction of the circle and then turn back. Repeat 5-10 times this procedure will help reduce headache a lot.

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