5 tips to keep your legs slim

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There are habits that seem to be harmless, but is making your legs weaker. How to counteract their effects?

All girls dream to have slim, smooth legs to wear short skirts and show them off. Do make use of the following 5 tips to quickly own a beautiful and sexy pair of legs.

Eat smart

Vitamin C is good for your skin and also your legs because it helps increase blood circulation andreduces fat accumulation in the legs. In addition, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to moisturize and make your skin lighter and softer.

5 tips to keep your legs slim

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Add vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables to your daily diet: Cauliflower, celery, orange, lemon, strawberry... are some examples.

Never cross your legs

Leg crossing will make your knees skin tarnish, making your legs not beautiful and smooth. Therefore, you should stop leg crossing and use coconut oil to treat the existing bruises.

5 tips to keep your legs slim

Many women have the habit of leg crossing when sitting because it makes them look more sexy with short skirts. However, this habit hinders blood circulate, resulting in legs edema, bigger knees. Therefore, you should avoid leg crossing for a long time and allow your legs to relax.

Moisturize your legs

Remember to keep your legs moist to increase skin elasticity and smoothen your skin. After taking a shower, apply moisturizer containing vitamin E on your legs and gently massage all over your legs to help nutrients absorbed into the skin. Also, when going out, if you wear a short skirt or short pants, be sure to apply sunscreen to protect your legs.

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Do leg lift exercises

These exercises tone your legs quickly and you can do it whenever you have freetime. Lie on your side, let your left hand supports your head, put your right hand in front of your chest, your left leg is placed parallel to the floor, straighten and raise your right leg up, the higher the better, then descend and repeat. When you feel tired, change your posture and switch your legs.

5 tips to keep your legs slim

Climb stairs

Stair climbing makes your calvesa and thighs slimmer, hence help you have slimmer and stronger legs. Try hard to climb stairs every day. Stair climbing is also a good way to exercise and lose weight.

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