5 tips to entertain your children at home without buying toys

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A young mother has devised a way for children to play safely at home by taking advantage of furniture such as blankets and pillows.

The time children stay home from school to prevent disease will not avoid the boredom, even "crazy legs". But for Hazel Dempsey from Spain, things were more difficult and harder because her two 4-year-old twin boys were in an active age, then she found a way to "dress up" things. furnishings into interesting games for children.

The work in the media makes the young mother extremely busy, along with looking after the children, forcing her to find creative ways so that her children can still have fun and exercise without going out.

5 tips to entertain your children at home without buying toys
The mother turns her living room into a miniature playground.

Hazel's method is as follows:

How to play with your children at home without buying toys

1. Make obstacles with sofa tables and chairs

Usually the living room will have tables and chairs. But when your child needs exercise, the sofa will become a cool obstacle for him to overcome. Babies can run around the table. Table tops can turn into a tunnel that requires your baby to pass to the other end. "My two sons love to play cushions and jump over. Climbing activities, running around the house are enough to make the kids happy all day," Hazel said.

2. Create tunnels with blankets and pillows

Hazel used blankets and pillows to "build" a tunnel around the living room for her to explore and have fun with. Blankets cover up the roof, pillows erect as partitions. Just a little sacrifice is the baby has countless attractive games no less outdoors.

5 tips to entertain your children at home without buying toys
The game makes use of blankets, pillows (Artwork).

3. Televisions, phones are not enemies

In Hazel's view, during a long stay at home, the TV and the smartphone are not their enemies. Great programs on YouTube are Yoga for kids, funny dance videos... that any child will like. Try it.

4. Quiet moments with audiobooks

With only 15-30 minutes a day, sitting quietly and listening to audio books is enough to make the house quiet. This can not be an activity that helps children consume a lot of energy, but it is the silence for them to focus on their favorite stories, imagine and giggle together.

5 tips to entertain your children at home without buying toys
Sometimes mothers should let their children watch YouTube or listen to audibook stories.

5. Design new clothes from old clothes

Why not? If the purchase becomes expensive or unnecessary, Hazel advises mothers to take advantage of baby's old clothes, turning them into Marvel superhero costumes or Frozen princess dresses. This may be a memorable experience for the whole family during the pandemic.

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