5 The mistake that everyone makes when walking every day makes health decline

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No one can deny the benefits of walking, but some of the mistakes below can make this practice more harmful than good.

Walking is always considered the safest form of exercise for all age groups, including pregnant women or the elderly. You can burn 50 calories per kilometer of walking, both lowering blood pressure and controlling blood sugar. As a result, the brain becomes stronger, bones are more flexible and weight loss is seen.

Although it's good, in fact, like any other sports, walking has a few rules. Because if you do it wrong, it will not only harm your health but also cause you to lose any weight, even cause many serious injuries.

5 The mistake that everyone makes when walking every day makes health decline

Mistakes when walking can be harmful to health

1. Walk on the side of the road

After hearing that, everyone thinks why walking by the side of the road or sidewalk is wrong? But in fact, when we walk, our lungs dilate and increase capacity to inhale more oxygen. If you walk by the sidewalk on the street, you will accidentally inhale too much dust and toxic gas than usual. From there, these substances penetrate into blood vessels and form bad plaque.

So if you decide to go for a gym walk, choose the cleanest and most airy places. For example, a park with lots of shade trees or a place with few cars is fine.

2. The stride is too long

Many people believe that when walking, the longer the stride, the faster the speed will be, making fat burning training more effective. However, having too long a stride will make you tired faster, causing muscle pain around the shin bone, or worse, trauma. Go for a smooth walk, always keep your feet moderate and do not stride too wide.

5 The mistake that everyone makes when walking every day makes health decline

3. Walking speed is too fast

This is a common mistake in people who have just started practicing - when we are often highly excited and excited. For them, walking is a novel activity, so they often use all their energy to walk fast. The result is both ineffective during exercise but also trauma, muscle aches, dehydration and severe loss of strength.

So if you are a frequent walker, start with short distances and speed up slowly. That way, you can maintain flexibility and enhance health.

4. Take a break continuously

Just walk a little and rest halfway, then go on and then rest ... This is really not good at all, but many people have it. If you continuously rest while walking, the muscles and fat that are being burned will cool down, affecting the process of increasing fat digestion.

This habit, if you do not fix it early, you will not be able to practice any kind of pants. Try to keep walking 6,000 steps continuously, 2 steps per second, then rest for maximum performance. If you feel too tired, reduce the number of steps and gradually increase it until your body gets used to the higher intensity.

5 The mistake that everyone makes when walking every day makes health decline

5. Lower your face while walking

Some young people nowadays often have a habit of walking, but their faces are still bent down to press the phone. It must be understood that this posture not only brings a feeling of fatigue, but also affects cardiopulmonary function. If you don't make changes early, you will eventually fall into a state of hypoxia and constant dizziness.

The best posture when walking is with your head straight and chest out. Just in this way, you can push 13 large muscle groups in your body to be active at the same time. Thanks to that, the fitness and the immune system are both strengthened.

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