5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

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It's that time of the year again, when summer is about to end and autumn is approaching. The dry season is being replaced by the wet season. So, how do you take care of your skin when the seasons change?

When the weather changes from dry to wet, women with dry skin will often feel their skins become smoother than usual, and neglect to drink enough water as well as apply creams properly. This will cause their skins' condition to get worse. As for women with oily skin, one of the most annoying things at this time of the year is that their oily skins get even oilier, due to the extra amount of oil produced. Here, Break brings you 5 tricks that will help your skin stay healthy when the weather changes.

How to keep your skin healthy when the weather changes

Always keep your skin clean and dry

Wash your face twice a day, and do it right after being under the rain, with a gentle foam cleanser. Don't go to bed when there are still makeups and lipsticks on your face. You know, when the weather changes, there are often tiny droplets of dust that cling and stick to your skin. Not many people know that these droplets contain a great amount of acid  which can damage your skin.

5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

Stay loyal to sunscreen

Most of us only have the habit of using sunscreen in the summer, but even when the weather is cold, humid or cloudy, there are still a lot of invisible ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are very harmful to your skin, indeed. So, don't forget to put on appropriate sunscreen when you go out.

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5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

Choose a gentle moisturizing lotion

Applying the right types of moisturizing lotion in the wet weather is also considered a secret to keep your skin bright and healthy. Because the weather is already pretty humid, it is necessary to choose gentle lotions so that your skin can breath. Besides, you need to stop bad habits such as: popping pimples by hand, putting on masks overnight, washing your face without nurturing products...

5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

Using masks with natural ingredients

Essences from yogurts, papayas, fresh lemons or tomatoes, strawberries, roses have the ability to whiten and keep your skin healthy. You can make natural masks at home and use them twice a week so that your skin is always well nourished.

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5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

Add a few drops of olive oil to your tub 

Apart from the face, your body skin should also be well cared for. Adding a few drops of olive oil to your bath is the most economical and fast way to whiten your skin. Olive oil is suitable for all women, especially those who do not have time to take care of their skin or are too afraid to go through complicated procedures.

5 Skincare tips to follow when the seasons change

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