5 simple home bleaching methods with kitchen ingredients

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With these easy-to-find ingredients, home bleaching is much simpler.

Currently, in the beauty market, there are many rapid whitening methods such as white patches, bleaching gel or premium whitening services at dental centers. Although it is highly effective, these methods are quite expensive and can also cause a feeling of numbness after bleaching. In fact, there are many ways to bleach your teeth at home with no cost, no side effects but very effective.

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5 simple home bleaching methods with kitchen ingredients

Apple cider vinegar helps whiten teeth: Apple cider vinegar is one of natural remedies that addresses many health problems. Besides treating gastrointestinal or sunburn skin, apple cider vinegar is also a "savior" for dull teeth.

The composition of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar will "beat" the stain-causing plaque on the teeth. Besides, acid also kills bacteria in the mouth (they do not directly stain teeth but will make the breath smell unpleasant and can cause tooth decay).

Although the benefits of apple cider vinegar are quite obvious, you should not abuse it to avoid acid eroding tooth enamel. Dissolve apple cider vinegar and water before using to reduce pH, use 2-3 times / week to bring high efficiency, not harm teeth.

5 simple home bleaching methods with kitchen ingredients
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Legendary mix of baking soda and lemon: Two simple ingredients that are highly effective in bleaching are lemon and baking soda. In addition to baking, the sodium hydrocarbonate (NahCO3) or sodium bicarbonate present in baking soda is also used by many brands of toothpaste. Mix a teaspoon baking soda powder with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, use this mixture to rub on teeth quickly for about 30 seconds. Do not use baking soda and lemon to brush your teeth more than 2 times a week as it will cause the protective coatings to be corroded.

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Banana peels whiten teeth safely: As a healthy food, bananas gradually become "close friends" of every home. The rich mineral composition of bananas such as potassium, magnesium and manganese are also the perfect ingredients to remove plaque on teeth. Just peeling a portion of the banana peel and rubbing it on the tooth surface for about two minutes will help remove the plaque on the teeth for a long time. Safe ingredients will need perseverance done during 3 weeks. The results will surprise you.

Orange peel removes dull teeth: Orange peel contains a natural ingredient that helps remove some stubborn plaque on teeth. However, this bleaching treatment takes a quite long time to have a clear result, but it is absolutely safe. Use the inside of the orange peel to rub on the tooth surface for about 2 minutes daily to inhibit the bacteria from arising. Orange peel contains d-limonene, some whitening cosmetics are often supplemented with this substance. A study published in the American Journal of Dentistry in 2010 found that d-limonene-containing toothpaste was remarkably effective in resolving yellow stains on tobacco teeth.

5 simple home bleaching methods with kitchen ingredients

Strawberries can also help whiter teeth: Strawberries are always a favorite of many people with sweet and sour taste mixed together, besides, few people know that strawberries also help bright white teeth effectively. The composition of malic acid in strawberries is a substance that helps remove yellow stains on teeth. It's easy to do, just crush a strawberry and mix it with baking soda, then rub it on your teeth for 1-2 minutes. Doing this every 2 weeks helps defeat the bacteria that exist in the teeth. Just like baking soda and lemon, you should not abuse this mixture too much.

Although these cleaning methods are very effective, colored drinks like tea and coffee will stain teeth, sometimes causing enamel wear. Break does not advise you to give up the habit of drinking coffee or tea, if possible, use straws to keep your teeth from contact with all kinds of water. In addition, quitting smoking also gives you whiter teeth.

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