5 reasons make your lose-weight process always failed

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If your lose-weight process never succeed, you probably have at least one of these reasons.

When losing weight, we always encounter fasting without losing weight, working hard but not losing any weight. The reason that everyone suffers are:

5 reasons make your lose-weight process always failed

Abuse of weight loss pills:

Anyone who wants to lose weight has thought of this method. The reason is because it works effectively in a short time. Because of the extremely tempting reason that weight loss pills will not take much time, no need to follow strict diets and misery to cope with cravings, not to spend hours every day practicing hard but still get the body you want. But in exchange, the drug acts on the central system, leading to insomnia, irritability, heart damage, increased risk of goiter. These drugs have side effects that are harmful to users' health, of which the most dangerous one is the one that causes anorexia. There are many harmful effects so we can not use the drug continuously. But when the medication is stopped, the body easily accumulates fat many times more than normal. Thus, the process of weight loss has failed miserably.

5 reasons make your lose-weight process always failed

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Excessive exercise:

How is excessive exercise? This problem depends on your age, fitness and type of exercise. On average, an adult should exercise moderately for about 5 hours per week; 2.5 hours of intense workouts or a combination of both. Scientific research shows that exercising too much will not bring any benefits at all. Perhaps you also know many studies show that people who do light to moderate running have a lower risk of death than those who do not exercise or sports.

Negative diets:

After a period of fasting, the body's stored energy is exhausted. You will face risks such as: The first is the risk of hypoglycemia. When the blood sugar level gets too low, the brain lacks the main energy source so the electrical activity of nerve cells will be disturbed. Besides, after a long fasting process, when you eat and drink again, your body will "scream" for more food, and you will easily gain back weight.

5 reasons make your lose-weight process always failed

Sleep too little or too much:

When you sleep too much, the hunger hormone in the body will increase. You will be very hungry and eat uncontrollably, leading to fat accumulation, weight gain. If you sleep too little, your body produces substances that slow down your metabolism, as well as increase your fat loss time by 55%. So, if you're in the process of losing weight, try to get enough sleep and be on time.

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Not eating enough calcium:

5 reasons make your lose-weight process always failed

Calcium has been shown to promote weight loss. Eating enough calcium will help you curb appetite and vice versa, if you don’t eat enough Ca, it can lead to a boost in daily food intake. You can use calcium-rich products, including low-fat diets or supplements, such as soy milk in your daily diet.

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