5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

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There are 14 national parks spread across New Zealand. If you are wondering which one is the best for you, check out our top 5 below.

New Zealand possesses the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet, from fjords and glaciers to undulating hillsides... If you are looking to learn more about the natural and wild world of New Zealand, then visiting a national park is definitely your top thing to do. In these unspoiled wilderness paradises, you will find a sense of peace and serenity.

Top 5 beautiful New Zealand national parks

Fiordland National Park

5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

One of the largest national parks in the world, Fiordland National Park is a great place to explore. This ancient landscape really catches your attention by the giant ravines and fjords left behind after glaciers cut through the rocks for millions of years. The most famous fjords inside the park are Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound - daily sightseeing flights and sea cruises will show you how amazing they are. This unspoiled land also features huge forests, high peaks and crystal-clear lakes.

Tongariro National Park

5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

This national park has a desolate rocky landscape with brilliant turquoise lakes that almost look like another world. It is the fourth national park ever established in the world and this alone demonstrates how breathtaking the landscape is. There are three active volcanoes in the park, one of which is Tongariro - the name of the national park. Located in the center of North Island, the park also houses lava fields and lakes that formed in the extinct craters. The snow-capped Tongariro is famous all over the world for its captivating beauty that set the stage in the Lord of the Rings series. It is also home to the Maori with many religious sites and is home to countless natural masterpieces.

Abel Tasman National Park

5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

Named after the first European explorer to set foot in New Zealand, this is where you can see the breathtaking coastline right in front your eyes. The pristine turquoise waters, the stunning sandy beaches, and the forest-covered hinterland of Abel Tasman National Park are breathtaking and unlike any other national park in New Zealand. While it may be the smallest national park here in terms of size, it has impressive scenery that attracts a large number of tourists each year. Nature lovers may want to stay at one of the campsites located in the park or head into the woods to explore one of the waterfalls that cascade down to the pools below. The peaceful coastal waters welcoming amazing kayaking trips is an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park

5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

This national park is named after the nation's highest peak, the giant Aoraki / Mount Cook. Standing at an altitude of 3724 meters, it is the main attraction that draws visitors to the area. Glaciers cover a large part of the park's surface and this shows that cold weather often occurs at the highest peaks. The glistening glaciers and snow-capped mountains will stun you, as they reflect the sunlight in the deep blue sky. With a rich array of flora and fauna to explore, this place is perfect for nature lovers.

Arthur's Pass National Park

5 most impressive national parks in New Zealand

As the sun sets over this impressive national park, the mountains become a plethora of yellow and orange paint before slowly turning into purple. Arthur's Park National Park covers a part of the Southern Alps and thus offers a variety of views of the surrounding countryside with exceptionally beautiful sunsets. Divided in half by the mountain range that runs through it, one side of the park is covered with rocky peaks while the other consists of lush forests and a winding riverbed. With skiing, mountain climbing and even hunting, Arthur's Pass has a number of adventurous activities to attract visitors.

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