5 Makeup tips to help you look natural

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You are frustrated about your makeup skills as the make up makes you look older. Well, maybe it's because you don't know these makeup tips which will help you look fresh and natural.

Putting on makeup is not a difficult task, but doing it while maintaining the natural features of the face is never easy. Many people spend a lot of time for makeup but the more makeup they put on, the older they look.

Makeup tips to help you look natural and fresh

Dampen your makeup sponge

5 Makeup tips to help you look natural

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Before putting on makeup, you need to wet your makeup sponge. We often get lazy and skip this essential step. This causes the foundation to be unevenly spread, resulting in an uneven skin tone and unnatural appearance.
Moistening your makeup sponge also reduces friction, helping the foundation to stick to the skin better, making the skin look glossy and smooth.

Apply serum and cream before applying makeup

5 Makeup tips to help you look natural

You may feel confident that your skin is moisturized, but do not forget to apply serum and cream before putting on makeup. This makes the foundation tenser, especially for those with dry skin. Moreover, using a mask before putting on makeup will help your skin look more alive. Applying serum and cream also helps the makeup's effect last longer.

Use a light foundation and concealer

Many women make mistakes when they wear a thick foundation. Just use foundation to tone your skin, and apply only thickly when it's necessary. The overly heavy makeup will make your face look unnatural, and can even reveal the imperfections on your face.

5 Makeup tips to help you look natural

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For bad, dull skin, you should also use concealer to conceal the blemishes, dark spots, or dark circles under the eyes so thatyour face looks smooth and beautiful.

Do not apply too much foundation under your eyes

Using foundation under your eyes will help reduce puffiness and dark circles, but this should be done gently.
You should only apply a light foundation because the skin under your eyes has many wrinkles. So, to increase the durability of the foundation, you should carefully spread the foundation under your eyes.

5 Makeup tips to help you look natural

Spray mineral water after applying foundation

After a few hours, your makeup layer may start to look dull and melts because of your sweats. To solve this problem, you only need to buy yourself a bottle of mineral water spray. Mineral water helps to fix the cream layer, keeping the makeup more durable under the hot weather.

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