5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

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It's always hard to pick a place for a vacation with your children. You will need to consider the travel times, weather and hotel amenities that suitable for your child.

With these ideal travel destinations for families with children, the whole family will have never been so happy on a vacation.

5 best vacation spots for families with children

1. Costa Del Sol Coast (Spain)

With clear blue sea, sunny beach, dry and airy air, Costa Del Sol Beach is a great tourist destination for those who love the sea and the warm sun. The average year Costa Del Sol has about 320 sunny days a year, an impressive number even compared to tropical seas. If you are traveling with a family with children, you can choose this beach to relax because the weather is extremely pleasant.

5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

Many families coming to Costa Del Sol prefer to rent private villas to enjoy a private family vacation. However, you can spend a small amount of money to enjoy the amenities at the resort. Child care services, serving separate food for babies will satisfy even the most demanding people.

Puente Romano Marbella is one such wonderful resort. With three outdoor swimming pools, children can enjoy playing. In addition, if your child is a toddler and loves horses, parents can send their children to the equestrian center. Children's play clubs will also be open during the peak tourist season, usually from May to September. This is considered one of the best tourist destinations for families with young children.

2. Ayia Napa (Cyprus)

If you want to enjoy the warm European sunshine, fly to Cyprus. In addition, the early summer vacation in April here will have a more pleasant temperature for visitors. Instead of suffering from the scorching heat of Europe around July.

Ayia Napa, located in the southeastern part of Cyprus, is an extremely popular resort in the island nation. With beautiful natural beaches, this is the ideal tourist destination for families with young children during summer holidays with fun activities on the beach.

5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

At the 5-star Olympic Lagoon hotel, the kids can have fun while playing on the swimming pool slides. If your baby is young, only about 6 months old, don't worry. There is a kindergarten open during the day for families with young children. Parents can send their children to play there, under the care of qualified staff.

3. Algarve Coast (Portugal)

With nearly 100 miles of coastline located next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve is truly a tourist attraction. In it, Da Balaia resort located on the cliffs of the Algarve is a family tourist paradise with young children.

5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

The hotel here provides all the amenities needed for family tour groups with young children. There's a play club just for kids. The rich games here will definitely make the kids not want to leave. While children are immersed in recreational activities, parents can get more rest. Soak in the blue sea water and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Babyhotel (Austria)

As its name suggests, Babyhotel is the place for kids. This is the first hotel in Europe to provide a baby care service. There are menus for mothers who are breastfeeding, taking good care of the health of both mothers and babies.

5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

You can also send your kids to stay at the hotel and staff will give them the correct milk. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy great services at the spa, entertainment center. Rest assured that your baby is definitely well cared for! The perfect place for family trips with children!

5. Rome (Italy)

If you are tired of vacation at windy beaches, try a family vacation in the city of Rome (Italy) - the ideal tourist destination for parents and children. Your family will easily explore the sights on foot. Flat streets will also make it easier to move with baby's stroller.

5 ideal destinations for a vacation with your children

Alternatively, it's easy to find family tours with young children. For example, a three-hour hunting trip around the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Navona Square, or a pizza and gelato making class. Surely the children will be extremely excited!

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