5 Habits before meal that make you to get cancer

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Before you eat, you usually do something that can be dangerous to your health, once or twice it may not matter much, but the long run of developing these bad habits will be very troublesome.

Cancer is an increasingly common disease in society today, causing death for so many people. According to scientists, the main cause of cancer today is due to human eating habits.

Doctors say that if you make the following 5 mistakes before eating, over time, not only will you be susceptible to certain serious illnesses, but your health will be seriously affected, at the same time. shorten your life. Here are 5 cancer-causing eating habits you need to know to prevent.

5 Habits before meal that make you to get cancer

5 habits before eating cause cancer

1. Drink alcohol before eating

Many people like to drink a few cups of wine before eating rice, but this will greatly damage the stomach, cause stomach ulcers and even develop stomach cancer. Next, drinking alcohol before eating, the body is more likely to absorb alcohol, which means that the liver is extremely damaged. A number of studies have found that, before eating and drinking alcohol will interfere with the absorption of various nutrients in the body, especially calcium.

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2. Before eating, drink cold drinks

In the hot summer, a lot of people have a habit before eating and drinking some of the drinks taken from the fridge. These cold drinks often contain a lot of sugar, often so, not only easy to cause diabetes, but ice also stimulates the lining of the stomach, causing constriction of blood vessels in the stomach wall. thick, thereby affecting the process of digestion and absorption of food. Before eating cold food, eating hot meals, or eating very spicy foods, this can cause great damage to the stomach.

5 Habits before meal that make you to get cancer

3. Before eating solid tea

Many people like to drink tea, saying that tea can extend the life, but drinking tea before meals, especially solid tea is very wrong. Condensed tea will prevent the body from absorbing calcium, iron and other nutrients. In addition, drinking stripped tea when eating, also increases the risk of stomach ulcers.

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4. Before eating smoke

Smoking before eating is really not a good habit, but many people often do this. Smoking before meals, not only impedes the absorption of nutrients by the body, but also leads to an increase in the viscosity of the blood, which disturbs the function of the stomach.

5 Habits before meal that make you to get cancer

5. Take a shower before eating

In the hot summer, the body is sweating, although it is very hungry, but many people choose to shower first, to help the body clean and comfortable. However, experts say doing so is a mistake, because bathing before eating is very easy to lead to hypoglycemia, extremely dangerous.

The work of evidence as very normal, but can be dangerous to health. If you have one of these habits, promptly fix it. If you do not have these habits, congratulations on protecting your health. Do the right things, new science can make the digestive tract healthy, enhance overall health.

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