5 'golden hour frames' to apply lotion for double effect

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In order for the skin to absorb the nutrients in the cream most effectively, in addition to choosing the right skincare products, you must choose the right time to apply the cream.

This article Break will talk about the golden hour in applying lotion and their importance to your skin.

5 'golden hour frames' to apply lotion for double effect


5 golden hour frames to apply lotion for double effect

This is the time when the endocrine glands in the body are most active, promoting blood circulation. Therefore, if applying lotion at this time, the absorption of water, moisture and nutrients of skin cells will be easier and more effective. 6am is the time when skin can easily absorb water, moisture and nutrients. Choose moisturizers that contain lots of water, vitamins and minerals to apply to your skin at this time, the skin will feel smooth and beautiful.


5 golden hour frames to apply lotion for double effect

If you fall asleep and can't use the cream at 6am, 7am is also a good time. At this time, the skin's ability to absorb nutrients is still very strong. The advice for those who want to have beautiful skin is to wake up every morning, drink a glass of water (can add a little honey and lemon) to purify the body. Then, wash your face with water and apply rose water for about 15 minutes. Rose water will create an ideal foundation for skin to absorb maximum nutrients. The final step is to use lotion. Applying rose water before skin care will help skin absorb maximum nutrients from creams.

8 am:

5 golden hour frames to apply lotion for double effect

Scientific studies have shown that the time of 8 am is the "peak" of the blood circulation process in the body. Bodies in the body, including the skin, become especially sensitive and are able to absorb all contact on the surface. This is also the time when hot sun, solar radiation ... affects the skin, making it dull and dehydrated. Therefore, applying lotion at this time is very reasonable to balance and protect the skin. You should choose products that contain vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, sunscreen to use for the skin at this time.

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13:00 pm:

5 golden hour frames to apply lotion for double effect

After a nap, wash your face thoroughly and apply lotion. This time, blood pressure and hormone secretion low, your body falls into fatigue, skin prone to wrinkles. Therefore, you should use lotion to promptly replenish nutrients and skin care. After napping, wash your face thoroughly and apply lotion to promptly replenish the skin. However, if you use lotion at this time, you should only choose moisturizers, moisturizers, skin masks ... instead of cosmetics containing high material content.

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22:00 PM:

5 golden hour frames to apply lotion for double effect

Around this time, skin cells enter the resting and restoring phase after a day. This is also the golden time for lotion to work best. 22 hours before bedtime is also a good time to use lotion. After exfoliating, or cleansing your face with a cleanser, your skin will be in a state of purity and ready to absorb nutrients. You should apply a face mask first and then apply night cream containing whitening essences, creams containing collagen ingredients are a suggestion. The time from 12pm to 3am is when the skin recovers and metabolizes its nutrients strongly.

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