5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly

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Fruits like avocado, bananas, dates, raisins, etc. not only provide energy, help you stay healthy, but also make you gain weight due to its high sugar content.

Fruit is an important source of vitamins and minerals in the diet of every person. Because fruits are eaten directly without cooking, the fruit retains its vitamin and mineral content.

In particular, the fruit contains abundant sources of fiber, good for health as well as keeping shape, weight loss of many women. Therefore, some people have the perception that eating a lot of fruit will not be fat. Even people who are overweight and obese choose to avoid eating rice instead of fruits to lose weight. However, this action causes the weight to not only decrease but also increase. Because not all fruits can help with weight loss, especially ripe fruits.

5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly

What fruits cause rapid weight gain?


Bananas have been gaining weight since ancient times, because they contain calories that help you gain weight healthily. The best way for thin people to gain weight is to incorporate banana shakes into your diet. The vitamin B6 in bananas helps blood circulation in the body, thereby promoting the production of red blood cells. Bananas are also rich in manganese, which helps improve the digestive system and prevent bone diseases.

5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly


An avocado gives you about 370 calories 4 times higher than a banana. Avocados are rich in calories, with nearly 400 calories in each avocado. Avocados are also rich in monounsaturated fat - a good fat - along with 20 vitamins. Avocados are low in sugar and high in fiber, helping you stay full longer.

If you eat it with fresh milk, the ability to provide calories doubles. That your weight gain completely becomes fast.

In addition, the content of vitamins and minerals in avocado also helps improve health, reduce the risk of cancer, making extremely effective skin mask. So those girls who are looking to gain weight and keep skin care should not ignore this fruit.

5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly


Mango is a juicy fruit with a very specific aroma that will stimulate your taste buds. Contains many vitamins A, C and extremely high calorie content. An average mango provides 100 calories to the body.

So ripe mango is considered a panacea for those who want to gain weight. However, you should not eat green mangoes because it contains very few calories and will have the opposite effect that you will lose weight because of the acidity of young mangoes.

5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly


There are many people who like to eat fresh grapes because of its juicy color, accompanied by a sour or sweet taste.

The composition of grapes contains high content of vitamin C, glucose and sugar. A grape contains up to 20g of sugar, on average, 1 person usually eats more than 10 fruits at a time. This adds up to about 100g of sugar. This is why grapes are included in the weight gain menu.

If you're looking for weight gainers, raisins are definitely the fruit to have. High in fructose and glucose, raisins provide the body with abundant energy.

5 Fruits that are high in calories make you gain weight quickly

Pineapple dry

Pineapple is a familiar fruit and pineapple is high in organic acids and pectin fiber to help cool and beautiful skin. In addition to becoming a delicious and cheap food, pineapple is also a fruit that helps you gain weight if eaten every day.

In 160g pineapple contains 16.2g sugar and 82 calories. Pineapple's calorie index is not as high as other fruits. But the pineapple has sweet and sour taste makes people eat cravings and attract you to eat continuously. Because this will help you gain weight effectively.

In addition, 100 grams of whole dried pineapple gives you 245 calories. Therefore, dried pineapple is a healthy snack, alongside nuts and raisins.

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