5 Foods you have to try in Canada

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The Canadian cuisine is a combination of modern ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

As a multi-ethnic country, Canadian cuisine is a symphony of many other cultures such as Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Canada has many special dishes, each with its own flavor, that you must try when traveling to this country.

What to eat in Canada

1. West Coast salmon

5 Foods you have to try in Canada
Canadian West Coast salmon

The type of salmon used for this dish varies depending on the season and the fishing ground, you can enjoy chinook salmon, red salmon, coho salmon or even chum salmon. Local people know the difference in the taste and texture of all these salmon varieties.
Although it is delicate slices of sockeye sashimi in Vancouver or chinook with maple leaf syrup sauce in a downtown pub, you can taste the different flavors throughout the trip.

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2. Poutine

5 Foods you have to try in Canada
Poutine is a very popular dish in Canada

Poutine is also known as Canada's "national" dish. The main ingredient of Poutine includes beef sauce, curd and fries. Canadians love Poutine so much that fast food chains like McDonald's also serve this dish and annual Poutine festivals are held across cities. In terms of origin, Poutine has been around since the 1950s, some towns in Quebec claim they have created this wonderful dish.

3. Canadian bacon

5 Foods you have to try in Canada
Canadian bacon is made into many dishes

Canadian bacon (peameal bacon) has a very special flavor. This dish uses salted lean pork. When bringing bacon to England, Canadians rolled meat in peas for preservation, eventually being replaced by corn flour. Since then the name "peameal bacon" was born.

4. Butter tart 

5 Foods you have to try in Canada
Butter tarts can be used with different types of topping

Besides variations, the butter tart originates from Canada's quintessential recipes that include pastries, butter, sugar, syrup, eggs and raisins, which are cooked so that the half-crunchy bread is crispy. This is definitely something the pastry believers can't ignore

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5. Maple syrup

5 Foods you have to try in Canada
The maple syrup is stored in lovely jars

Maple syrup is Canada's most special cuisine. The image of the maple leaf is extremely important for every Canadian, it appears on national flags and syrup bottles. Quebec produces 85% of the world's maple syrup. With its sweet taste and aroma, maple syrup is often used as topping for pancakes, waffles, French toast, oatmeal or porridge all over the world.

In addition to cuisine, Canada is also known as a peaceful country with many famous attractions such as Vancouver City, Horseshoe Bay Park Park or Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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