5 Foods people with type 2 diabetes should not eat

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For people with diabetes, nutrition plays an important role in blood sugar control.

Diet plays an important role in diabetes control. A nutritious, adequate quantity and quality diet can balance blood sugar, ensure a balanced, safe condition when suffering from diabetes. What diabetics should eat is something that any sick person should know to protect and maintain their own health.

The basic principle in the diet of diabetics in general and type 2 diabetes in particular is to minimize glucose (carbohydrates), this has the effect of avoiding hyperglycemia, limiting acids. saturated fat to avoid metabolic disorders. The menu for people with diabetes needs to be formulated to provide the body with a sufficient amount of sugar that is both stable and harmonious.

5 Foods people with type 2 diabetes should not eat

What foods should people with type 2 diabetes eat?

Trans fats are not good for diabetics

Trans fats are considered the most harmful. They raise bad cholesterol, increase the risk of heart disease. Trans fats are also linked to a higher risk of diabetes.

Sugar-sweetened beverages

Soft drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks are high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Exceeding daily norms has been linked to inflammation in the body, a risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

5 Foods people with type 2 diabetes should not eat

French fries

Although salt has no effect on blood sugar, it's important for people with diabetes to limit their intake of sodium-rich foods, especially chips and processed meats (sausages, bacon). . Regularly eating these foods increases blood pressure and aggravates diabetes symptoms.


Drinking too much alcohol can cause insulin resistance. Additionally, alcohol can aggravate nerve damage related to diabetes.

5 Foods people with type 2 diabetes should not eat

Refined cereals

White flour and white rice are the two most commonly used refined grains today. For wheat and rice, the most nutritious part of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, fiber lies in the outer bran and its germ. However, the refined grain is rubbed off the brown crust to increase the taste and increase the time of use. These refined grains instantly turn into sugar when they enter the intestines.

Especially when eating dishes made from flour and white rice makes our body deficient in B vitamins (which are essential vitamins for the digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates), we must mobilizing B vitamin source taken from other parts of the body and leading to a series of disorders such as nerve stimulation, digestive disorders, muscle fatigue, anemia, vision loss, heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood sugar...

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