5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

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Animals have always been an inexhaustible resource for filmmakers' artistic creativity. Animal films have the power to move emotionally no less than human-centered films.

The years also cannot fade away emotions whenever the audience watches these great stories.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry

Lassie Come Home (1943)

Lassie come home is adapted from the story of the same name by writer Eric Knight published in the weekly Saturday Evening Post. The main character in the film is the dog Lassie. Because of the family's misery, Lassie was sold to a wealthy aristocrat far away. Lassie is a smart dog, venturing far back to her former owner and devising many ways to help her owner escape poverty. The film about the dog Lassie deeply humane, is a lesson about solidarity, about energy to overcome difficulties.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

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So Lassie Come Home has become famous all over the world Although more than 70 years have passed, but the influence of Lassie Come Home remains forever. Lassie dog character is also named on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1993, the film was also selected for conservation at the National Film Institute of the United States because of the importance of culture, history and aesthetics despite many generations.

Old Yeller (1957)

The touching film produced in 1965 tells the story of the Coates family with four members: Father Jim Coates, mother Katie, two sons Travis and Arliss. One day, Travis and Arliss caught a stray dog ​​on the way and decided to take him home to raise, named Old Yeller. The film revolves around the life of the Coates family since the Old Yeller, the faithful dog has repeatedly protected the members from danger.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

Especially the deep connection between Travis and Old Yeller. But in an attempt to protect his owner from an attack of wolves, Old Yeller was bitten and infected with rabies. The moment Travis had to shoot and kill Old Yeller himself to prevent the dog from harming his family made many viewers unable to hold back their tears. The film is a meaningful message about life and death, about two lovely family hours that everyone needs to have in life.

Free Willy (1993)

Free Willy (Willy Rescue) is a touching story about the friendship between 12-year-old boy Jesse and Willy, the killer whale performing in an ocean park. The film has become a classic, and a valuable lesson on animal love for all children around the globe. After the great success of the film, a wave of struggle for the release of Keiko - the dolphin playing Willy in the film has spread worldwide.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

Millions of children have participated in saving money for the project to realize this film. As a result, more than 20 million USD was collected to help Keiko reintegrate into the natural environment. The story of the dolphin has really influenced an entire generation of children around the world.

Eight Below (2006)

When people mention "Eight Below", people will think of an emotional film about 8 snow dogs abandoned in the cold Antarctic. The film tells the journey of three members of the research team, including Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker), his close friend Cooper (Jason Biggs) and an American geologist Davis McClaren (Bruce Greenwood). They have a pack of 8 sled dogs for transportation and transportation.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

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After identifying a number of meteorites from Mars fell into the mountains of Melbourne, Jerry and Davis brought equipment and fixtures eagerly onto the road. After a few hours of skiing, they managed to find the location of the rock, but at the same time the weather department announced that a big storm was about to reach this area. The head of the station forced them all to return before it was too late but Davis wanted to set up a camp to study. In an accident, he fell to the lake surface, broken ice, he was at risk of freezing to death, Jerry and the dogs themselves saved Davis.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

Then they returned to the station preparing to leave Antarctica, heartbreaking to see the dogs left behind. Jerry wanted to save them but his proposal was rejected. During the cold winter of that cruel Antarctica, the dogs struggled to survive and find a way to survive for 175 days. They had to break their own chains and help each other to find a way out of the oncoming storm and the next few days were faced with a scarcity of food, trying to survive but still covering and loving each other.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

Hachi: A Dog's Tale is a Hollywood version remake of the famous Japanese movie Hachiko Monogatari that was released in 1987. The movie is based on the true story of the loyal dog Hachi (Japanese people call it Hachiko). Hachiko is the pet dog of Professor Ueno Hidesaburo Sensei. Every morning he followed him to Shibuya Station when he went to work and waited for him at the ticket gate every evening. But it all ended on May 21, 1925, when Professor Ueno suddenly passed away in a stroke.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

Hachiko stopped eating for three days, but even after the professor's funeral, the dog would come to him regularly at the train station every night. Shortly after, Hachi was transferred to a relative of Mr. Ueno and his old gardener. But wherever he was, he would sneak out every night and run to the familiar train station to wait.

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

For nearly 10 years, the sunny and rainy days, heavy winds or snow, people saw the dog waiting at the train station to fit the 6pm train. After nearly 10 years of patient waiting, one day in March 1935, a faithful dog was found dead in an alley near the station. Immediately, the image of Hachiko appeared on the front page of newspapers and sobbed the hearts of millions of people. Hachiko is erected at the Shibuya station, and every year, Japanese people celebrate Hachiko here, at the time of the cherry blossom bloom, on March 8 (1 month after Hachiko has gone).

War Horse (2011)

5 films about animals that make the audience cry like rain

Based on the best seller novel of the same name by writer Micahael Morpurgo and set in Western England during World War I, War Horse is the story of the young Albert and his horse Joey mine. The two were divided and underwent many waves during the war but thanks to their sincere friendship helped them reunite. Master director Steve Spielberg made War Horse both strong and passionate fake emotions, tears as well as love animals with a mighty appearance but gentle, loyal to humans.

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