5 famous restaurants in New York

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If you are planning to go to New York, what to eat and where to eat on the tour will be one of your main concerns. The restaurants featured below are all very popular not only for locals but also for visitors to New York.

Perhaps you will like them because of the elegance and convenience of the restaurant space, because they are simply very close to you.

5 famous restaurants in New York

  1. Caviar Russe at 538 Madison Ave st.

    5 famous restaurants in New York

Customers come to Caviar Russe to enjoy mainly American specialties or some dishes imported from abroad with slightly modified recipes. The ingredients used here are imported right at the production places, so it ensures the freshness, food hygiene and safety. Besides enjoying the food, visitors can also taste a variety of exotic imported wines at the restaurant's bar.

Caviar Russe restaurant has a special feature unlike anywhere. In addition to serving food for guests on the second floor, the first floor is a fashion store called Spring Flowers with a variety of apparel and luxury accessories.

  1. Brasserie Ruhlmann at 45 Rockefeller Plz

    5 famous restaurants in New York

The Brasserie Ruhlmann restaurant is located in the north of Rockefelle shopping center, operated by the two owners who are beer traders. This is the place for guests who want to enjoy authentic French food. The dining rooms are tastefully decorated with cold dark colors to create a sense of tranquility and silence.

You can choose to sit and eat in the lobby or in the outdoor dining area of the restaurant. If there is a need to organize a party or ceremony for your group, you can also request to eat in a private room. This restaurant is only open from 11:30 AM to 10 PM.

  1. New York Bateaux on the West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St.

    5 famous restaurants in New York

This is probably the most unique restaurant located in New York: right on a big ship in the middle of the sea. Guests will have a luxurious meal on the ship while admiring the beautiful scenery during 3 hours floating from Chelsea to lower Manhattan. It is an unforgettable experience that you should try if you have the opportunity.

At this special restaurant, live music concerts and lively bars with a variety of fine wines to serve tourists often attract much attention. Despite the special location and unique luxury amenities, what the Bateaux New York restaurant wants to emphasize to their customers is the quality of the meals. The menu includes famous international dishes of many countries around the world.

  1. Bar Masa at 10 Columbus Cir

    5 famous restaurants in New York

Located in Timer Warner Center, Bar Masa restaurant helps visitors save a lot more money while enjoying many delicious Japanese dishes. This is a subsidiary of Masa store but has a much lower price thanks to the exploitation of thrifty dishes but still retains their appeal.

In a pleasant light-colored space including a long table and a row of seats along with curtains, guests will be treated to a variety of Japanese delicacies. Typical dishes here are seaweed and sushi rolls, 2 famous dishes of Japan.

  1. 'Cesca at 164 W. 75th St.

    5 famous restaurants in New York

This restaurant specializes in providing standard Italian cuisine, which is very popular with diners because of its extensive menu and great food flavor. Founded in 2003, though not too long, 'Cesca has proved to be classy with the executive chefs of famous chefs Adam Platt and Kevin Garcia each received the prestigious 2-star award. The dishes served here are mostly from the south of Italy, which varies according to the season. Bar with fine wines is also particularly popular.

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