5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

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With only 30 minutes a day, your big thighs will not be a worry anymore, especially when you wear a short skirt

Too big thighs make you look unbalanced and cause you to lose confidence - you're afraid of comfortably wear your favorite shorts or short skirts. The thing is, getting rid of excess fat in the thigh area is never easy, because the fat here is quite hard, with complex structure, and very difficult to train. Therefore, to be able to beat the excess fat here, you must build yourself a reasonable diet, and persevere in doing exercises.

5 exercises to reduce thigh fat effectively

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack is the best warm-up exercise because it increases your heart rate, as well as the blood flow to your muscles throughout the body and reduces the risk of muscle tearing or contracting. This exercise also helps you burn 300 calories in just 20 minutes. It specifically affects muscles such as the buttocks, calf muscles, your heels, tendons... which help reduce thigh fat effectively.

5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

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How to do it:
- Step 1: Stand up straight, your legs closed.
- Step 2: Jump to the left and right, keeping both arms on your head.
- Step 3: Jump back to the previous position, do 20 reps, as quickly as possible.


Burpee is an exercise that make you combine many movements together, with high intensity, so it should effectively reduce fat and improve your muscle. Complex movements mostly involve the glutes, thighs and shoulders, so after training, you will easily notice the difference in the lower half of your body. This is an exercise that is considered extremely effective in reducing thigh fat.

5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

How to do it:
- Step 1: Start with a stooped posture, hands straight ahead.
- Step 2: Use your hands as a pillar, leaning back to form a high Plank posture.
- Step 3: Jump back up to your hunchback position, knees outside hands.
- Step 4: Jump up and jump straight up, hands up and land in a vertical position, do 20 reps.


Pilates is an exercise method with a series of activities that helps you improve your thigh area pretty effectively. Not only does Pilates affect individual muscles, it can also affect the whole body.

5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

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How to do it:
- Step 1: Lie on your left side with your left hand resting on your head, your right hand placed naturally in front of your chest
- Step 2: Bend your right knee, keep your leg perpendicularly to the body, left leg straighten.
- Step 3: Slowly raise the left leg up, raising as high as possible to exercise your inner thigh. A small tip is that you should control your breathing and squeeze your abs to help keep your legs straight, do it 20 times.

Side Lunge

5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

Lunge exercise not only works to reduce thigh fat to make the thighs firm, but also help you have longer, slim legs. When doing this, the fat on your inner thigh will be burned, giving you firm, sexy legs.

Bridge Lift

With Bridge Lift, you can adjust the muscular buttocks flexibly, thereby helping to eliminate uncomfortable back pain and butt pain. This exercise also focuses on losing excess fat in your abs, buttocks and thighs.

5 exercises to lose excess fat effectively at home

- Step 1: Lie on your back with your hands on the carpet, hands stretched out, palms facing down. Keep your knees bend so that your feet are straight on the carpet, shoulder-width apart
- Step 2: Press your feet down, especially your heels, then lift the hips off the floor while keeping the back straight. Exhale and hold the position for 1 second.
- Step 3: Then slowly lower your back when inhale. Do 20 reps.

- For those who are new to the exercise, do it step by step slowly and do 3 sets.
- For people who are in good condition or have exercised for a long time, do 5 to 7 sets.
- Maintain the correct posture, choose appropriate training intensity to avoid injury.
The 5 exercises above are simple but very effective in losing accumulated fat in the thigh area. If combined with a scientific diet, you will surely get slim, toned and extremely attractive thighs.

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