5 drinks to avoid to prevent precocious puberty in children

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Below are the drinks that put children at high risk of precocious puberty, while limiting their height development, that parents need to pay attention to.

Precocious puberty not only originates from an internal disease, but can also come from inappropriate eating and living habits. Here are the drinks that put children at high risk of precocious puberty that parents should avoid buying. These drinks increase the risk of precocious puberty, inhibiting development in children.

5 drinks that increase the risk of precocious puberty in children

1. Carbonated water

5 drinks to avoid to prevent precocious puberty in children

Research from the Institute of Child Nutrition in Germany shows that there are a number of drinks and food that can inhibit the height growth of children. In particular, carbonated soft drinks are the most mentioned name because they contain a lot of sugar, making young bodies more likely to store fat and weaken muscles.

Soft drinks are also a factor in causing obesity to children very quickly, while research shows that overweight and obese girls are more likely to start puberty sooner than those who are underweight and anorexia.

Concurrently, the nutrition experts from Harvard Medical School also confirmed that in carbonated soft drinks containing high levels of sucrose, glucose, they threaten the child's height development process. In addition, in the context of this drink is high in glycemic content, which often increases the level of insulin and increases the secretion of hormones that make girls start earlier.

2. Children under 3 years old should not drink tea

According to Sohu, infants under 3 years of age should not drink tea because tea contains high amounts of tannic acid, which can interfere with the body's ability to absorb proteins, minerals, calcium, zinc and iron, causing protein deficiency and minerals, affecting their normal growth and development.

In particular, the caffeine in tea is a strong stimulant and can cause hyperactivity in children.

3. Canned juice

5 drinks to avoid to prevent precocious puberty in children

Fresh fruit juices with sweet taste and attractive aroma are always loved by many children, at the same time they also provide many vitamins and minerals that are good for brain and physical development of babies.

However, with canned fruit juice, the opposite, they contain a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners, making it easier for babies to gain weight, increase the risk of precocious puberty.

4. Energy drink

According to Dr. Manny Alvarez (Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Hackensack University Medical Center): An energy drink can contain 3 to 5 times more caffeine than a can of soda. Some of the unwanted side effects of energy drinks are an increased risk of heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, headaches and disrupting sleep.

In addition, the content of energy drinks contains lots of sugar and additives which make children vulnerable to weight gain, obesity and lead to early obesity.

5. Soy milk

According to Zhuanlan (China), soy milk is rich in protein, as well as human essential fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E and fiber ... However, if parents give their children too much soy juice, affects the baby's overall development, causing precocious puberty because soy milk contains isoflavones that have estrogen-like activity - a hormone in the ovaries that plays a role in growth and development of sexuality of girls.

5 drinks to avoid to prevent precocious puberty in children

How to help children give up on the drinks above?

In order for children to gradually give up their favorite drinks such as carbonated drinks, parents should abide by the following principles:

- Develop a healthy, scientific and diverse diet in children's meals. Can use fruit juice, delicious herbs to increase the taste for children.

- Gradually remove the above types of water from the children's daily menu. Do not be harsh, ban children because it is easy to lead to children opposing, sneaking drinking without the supervision of the family.

- Change the lifestyle in the family for children to follow, not storing carbonated drinks in the house.

- Parents should increase physical activities for children outside of school hours, in class also need for children to participate in extra-curricular activities.

- Regularly talk and share with the children, listen to them so that it is easier to teach them.

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