5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France

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Not only known as the land of famous tourist destinations, France also attracts visitors for its European cuisine.

There are many ways to discover the culture of a country: through language, clothing, daily life, etc. The discovery of a country's cuisine is a very interesting way, too. You can quickly understand and love the culture of a country through what you taste. For the beautiful France, have you ever wondered how rich and sophisticated its cuisine must be that can charm the taste of the whole world?

French cuisine you don't want to miss


5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France
From a dish of Italian origin, the Macaroon has gradually "transformed" to a French cuisine

Macaroon is the first dish you should enjoy when coming to France. The sweet pastry with the cool taste of black tea will be an interesting choice for the French tour in the afternoon. This is considered a dish that represents the culinary culture of this country.
Ingredients for making Macaroon include egg white, granulated sugar, almond flour and a little color. The inside of Macaroons is usually filled with butter or butter cream. When enjoying, you should sip some black tea.

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Grilled snails

5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France
Snails after being elaborately processed / The French Cellar

Grilled snails is an indispensable dish in French cuisine. This dish is not just a snail barbecue, it is very elaborate. Snails are processed with coriander (herbs, cinnamon, onion, shallots, garlic ...) and nuts (walnuts, pine nuts ...), then baked in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes.


5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France
Crepes can be eaten with salty dishes

Crepes are made from wheat flour or barley flour, mixed with eggs, milk, and butter. After being fried, a crepe will be served with cold ice cream, chocolate sauce or caramel sauce... Especially, French people often eat crepes with some drinks like coffee, tea, milk and most popular, cider.

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Pain au Chocolate

5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France

Pain au Chocolate with a thick chocolate filling

Pain au Chocolate is a popular cake made from wheat flour, fresh milk, butter, eggs, sugar and chocolate coating.


5 Dishes you cannot ignore in France
Toast is a popular breakfast in French

Toasts are often consumed in French breakfasts that include sandwiches, cold meats, eggs, cheese and dairy sauces.

In addition to its rich and sophisticated cuisine, France is also a country famous for many ancient architectural works that attract many tourists each year. Discovering France will certainly be an enjoyable experience for visitors.

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