5 Common mistakes when drinking water that you did not expect

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Drinking enough water - sounds easy, because most people will immediately think that just drinking more water is enough. However, this is not simple. Many people still do not realize the mistake in drinking water that they have. Here are the 5 most common mistakes:

70% of the body weight is water, so it plays a very important role in ensuring a healthy body. Although water is a very important and safe substance, it does not mean it is harmless. Drinking water also needs to be reasonable, if drinking improperly or following misconceptions when drinking water can be harmful to health.

Therefore, it is essential to drink enough water and know how to drink it properly. In fact, many people still maintain the wrong drinking habits that lead to many health consequences.

5 Common mistakes when drinking water that you did not expect

Common mistakes when drinking water

Drink water while exercising, instead of before

Larysa DiDio - Trainer, founder of PFX Fitness Center (USA) - advises: “Even if you regularly drink something while you are exercising, you are at risk The headache muscle is high if you didn't drink enough water before. Try to drink at least one glass of water about 30 minutes before you go to practice. "

Always drink 8 glasses of water a day

In the past, there was a proposal to drink 8 glasses of water a day, although the amount of water needed for each person is different. The amount of water the body needs depends on the size and weight of each person. You should also subtract water from fruit-rich foods and fruits, although they cannot completely replace water. For example, an apple can replace a small glass of water. Keri Gans - author of The Small Change Diet - said: "You can take the weight divided by 2 to get the number of ounces of water (1, 35 grams) needed for the body every day."

5 Common mistakes when drinking water that you did not expect

Avoid drinking coffee and tea

Many people still think that coffee and tea are not refreshments in their own right. They think these are two drinks that do not provide water for the body. However, nutritionist Lisa Cashman said: “The caffeine in coffee and tea has a diuretic effect. So sipping a cup of coffee is better than not drinking anything. ”

Drink less water

Most people will usually drink water when they are thirsty, hot, or exercising. However, it is not only those times when your body needs water. You should also drink water even while working. If you leave your body dehydrated, you are more susceptible to diseases like kidney stones, urinary tract infections.

5 Common mistakes when drinking water that you did not expect

Confused between eating and drinking

Although foods that contain a lot of water can replenish water, they cannot replace water completely. You need to drink water even after eating a variety of fruits and plenty of foods. Drink water before eating to make sure you don't forget to drink it.

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