5 common mistakes that will make your pores bigger every day

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It is difficult for you to have beautiful smooth skin, where pores are almost invisible, if you make the 5 common mistakes below.

According to expert, many women have the 5 following harmful habits, and they see their pores become bigger and bigger, and their skin is never smooth and beautiful.

5 bad habits that will enlarge your pores

1. You pick a cleanser that is too strong 

5 common mistakes that will make your pores bigger every day

"I find that many of my clients with oily skin and large pores are using cleansers that are too powerful to clean," says beauty expert Rowan Hall-Farrise from QMS. Medicosmetics.

"I recommend you clean it twice, but with a gentle product, this will not wash away the natural oils, otherwise, the skin will produce uncontrolled oil and the pores will look big, too." better than ".

2. You use too much granular scrub

Hall-Farrise points out another mistake that makes pores appear more pronounced: Excessive granular exfoliation. This product not only damages the skin, but also stimulates the skin to produce more excess oil. Instead, experts recommend using chemical exfoliants at a reasonable frequency, about 2-3 times a week, this product is gentle enough but still effectively release pores, giving you Bright skin from the inside.

5 common mistakes that will make your pores bigger every day

3. You don't apply sunscreen every day

"Not protecting the skin from UV rays is the biggest mistake, leading to wide pores," says celebrity beauty expert Cynthia Franco in Beverly Hills. "I'm not just talking about sunscreen on the beach. You need to apply sunscreen every day, wherever you are," the expert once again confirmed.

The onslaught of sunlight can lead to collagen and elastin depletion, causing the pores around the pores to become rickety, and obviously, pores also look bigger.

4. You don't use toners

5 common mistakes that will make your pores bigger every day

If you want to shrink your pores, Franco experts recommend not skipping toner in both morning and evening skincare. Doctors love hazelnut products and recommend applying toner before applying vitamin C serum, oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. In the evening, apply toner before using retinol and moisturizer, this process will help pores become smaller and smaller day by day.

5. You don't remove makeup thoroughly

Even when you don't use makeup, makeup remover is still a compulsory skincare step. The reason is because the excess oil and the sunscreen's remnants will remain in the pores and the facial cleanser will not be able to handle it all. If you are lazy to remove make-up, the condition of clogged pores will occur, so it is difficult for your skin to become smoother, pores are almost invisible. In a nutshell, in the evening, you should never skip a double cleansing step including makeup remover using a facial cleanser, so that your skin will become stronger and healthier.

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