5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

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Chocolate is known as the symbol of love and is the most loved dish in the world. These chocolate -producing countries are must-visit destinations if you love this food.

Bariloche, Torino, Quito… are the world's most famous places with delicious chocolate that foodies should visit at least once in a lifetime.

5 best place to try chocolate in the world

Bariloche City, Argentina

The city of Bariloche is not only a place with many wonderful sights, but also the "chocolate capital" of Argentina. When you come to this city, you will admire the entire production process as well as try the famous chocolates. To enjoy the best chocolate bars go to Mamuschka on Miter Avenue. It stores a wide variety of delicious chocolates, from Baileys white chocolate to dark chocolate bars containing 90% cocoa.

5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

Turin, Italy

Torino Citadel is located in the northwestern part of Italy. This is a very famous city because it is the birthplace of Fiat cars and is home to the legendary Juventus team. In addition, Torino is also home to delicious chocolate dishes. Among them is Cioccolato Caldo (hot Italian chocolate) with a pleasant aroma, rich bitterness and creamy fresh cream. Or Bicerin, a sweet combination of hot chocolate and coffee, served in a glass.

5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

In addition, you can also buy Giandujotto (chocolate chestnut candy) with great taste as a gift for relatives and friends. Especially, on the occasion of February every year, in Torino city, there will be a chocolate festival. If you come to the right occasion, not only can you experience a happy heat but also enjoy a lot of delicious Chocolate dishes.

Tabasco, Mexico

Talking about chocolate without mentioning Tabasco is indeed a big mistake. Since ancient times the Mayans of Tabasco have grown cocoa trees and processed into a dish called xocoatl. This dish has a rather thick flavor, very sweet and even a little spicy of chili. After that, the Spanish invaded, brought cocoa beans mixed with other spices such as sugar, cinnamon, almonds, milk ... and carried around the world. The present versions of chocolate all come from the Mayan xocoatl. If you want to enjoy the original taste of chocolate, go to Tabasco, Mexico.

5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is the capital of the beautiful country of Ecuador. This is also the city recognized by UNESCO as the first world cultural heritage since 1978. Not only possessing a huge heritage treasure, but Quito is also famous as the chocolate country of Ecuador. Instead of planting cocoa trees in the tropical forests, Quito people plant cocoa trees and produce chocolate in the city. When coming to Quito, you can enjoy the best chocolate bars with all kinds of flavors. To learn more about chocolate, don't forget to visit the Mariscal Foch square in Quito to join an intensive cocoa research tour for tourists.

5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, is a country in Central America. This is one of the places where the first chocolate ever appeared in the world. There were even times when the people of this land used cocoa beans as currency for exchanging goods. On arrival in Costa Rica you can join a special tour to visit traditional cocoa plantations in the Tirimbina biosphere reserve. Here you can not only watch the immense cocoa forests but also taste the wonderful chocolate bars.

5 best tourist destinations for chocolate lovers

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