5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world

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The skateboard industry is also colorful and competitive as the main sport. It's no surprise that all of the top skateboard brands take on The bold, liberal, and innovative expression that is quintessential for the wakeboarding community.

If you are interested in Wakeboarding and are eager to buy the best brand products, check out the brands we have chosen in the article below.

Element Skateboards 

5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world
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Based in Irvine, California, Element Skateboards is an accepted skateboard brand. The company made the art of skateboard production by making exquisite designs regularly.

A prominent aspect of these products is their pocket-friendly money. Unlike many others, these things won't cost you an arm and a tripod. And here's what makes it the best skateboard brand category.

They are also producing a lot of skateboard accessories and sports outfits. Items such as lubricating bearings, tape, clamps, swivel cups and skate wax are a few of their many products.

The sports T-shirt, socks and hoodies of Element will give you a complete sport appearance. Along with that, you can also buy their hardware kit to fix any problems that occur while on the ride.

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Plan B Skateboards 

5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world
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Plan B Skateboards is a skateboarding company based in Costa Mesa, California, United States, founded by Mike Ternasky, Jackson Kontzer and Brian Johnson in 1991. Then in 2005, the professional skateboarders Danny Way and Colin McKay will play a big role in the revival of the brand.

Product specification: The wheels are of many sizes. They are available in four packages. The hardness and material of the wheels are fully compatible with the trucks. All of these factors help the driver be able to go around smoothly.

The strength of these tables intensifies by its bearings. They are of standard quality. You can also go buy new bearings if they are worn over a period of use.

Zero Skateboards

5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world
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Starting in 1996 as a clothing brand, Zero has evolved into a popular skate and skating equipment company in the industry.

Zero is full of skateboard decks that fit every style of the driver. The sliding floor has no smooth-coated bottom for more efficient sliding. Get ready for the best trip in your life with their decks! If you do not want to get in trouble when pairing a skateboard, Zero protects you. High durability, Zero-complete skateboard is made to go on any surface without worrying about where. They are assembled with trucks, bearings, wheels, hardware and clamping tapes. For a quick and smooth ride, check out Zero skateboarding bearings. Their bearings are manufactured from top quality materials produced to survive! To get a sturdy grip on your board while you ride, select the Zero skateboard tape. Recipe with a long glue, you are guaranteed optimal control while you perform in turn and perform the tricks. Complete your skateboard with a set of Zero-fit skateboard wheels. Their high-performance wheels allow you to board faster while still maintaining good skating discipline. Challenge yourself with new tricks by using Zero skate wax. Applied to the railing and the curb, this wax will give you complete control over the different surfaces.

Alien Workshop

5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world
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Alien Workshop (AWS) is an American independent skateboarding company founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender in Dayton, Ohio. After a period owned by Burton Ski Company and the original racer Rob Dyrdek in 2012, the company was acquired by Pacific Vector Holdings in Oct. 2013.

They specialize in pre-assembled skateboards, and they are constantly working to provide top quality tables. Surprisingly, this does not increase their product price, which increases attraction for this brand. The value of the coin is what makes it considered one of the best skateboard brands. The brand offers a wide range of skateboards under different types, each of which fits into different skill levels of the driver.

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Blind Skateboards

5 Best Skateboarding brands in the world
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Blind Skateboard is a famous brand and a pioneer in the Wakeboarding industry created in 1989 by Mark Gonzales owned by the World Industries, the distribution company of Steve Rocco.

Product specification: The trucks on these panels are of different sizes. And, wheel specifications are different for each table. This allows you to make choices according to your skillset.

The perfect proportions of the floor and wheels help the driver can move easily. In addition to pre-assembled tables, you can also choose the dials you choose from their wide wheel range. The size, color, and hardness of each different type give you both a disk to choose from.

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