5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

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In Japan, eating and drinking while walking is considered rude. That is also the reason why the on-site dining places in food markets are always crowded by foodies.

You can easily find great food markets all over the city. However, outstanding and most popular are probably the 6 markets below.

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Nishiki Market, Kyoto

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Address: 609 Nishidaimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 6 pm

Nishiki is a market located in the center of Kyoto which is usually open from 9:30 AM to 6 PM and is famous as a paradise for foodies. The market is located in parallel with Shijo-Dori and Shijo subway stations, so tourists can easily make a visit here at any time.

About 400 years ago, this market was a fish market. Some of the original stalls are still run by the 7th or 8th generation of families at Nishiki Market. However, at present, most of the products sold in the market are farm produce and processed foods. Some of the food at the market that you can taste: yuba tofu, freshly baked mochi, and a variety of other delicious Japanese dishes.

Kuromon Market, Osaka

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Address: 2 Chome-4-1 Nipponbashi, Ward Ward, Osaka

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm

Dubbed the Japanese kitchen, Osaka is probably the best place to explore and enjoy the cuisine of the country. You will find a variety of great restaurants and eateries with menus containing the most typical specialties of the area. However, if you want to find somewhere new to enjoy the delicious food, visit Kuromon Market.

Known as Osaka's vibrant and attractive food market, coming to Kuromon visitors will feel like standing in a paradise of food. Some of the best dishes at the market that you should try are: unagi, which is sold on skewers (grilled eel in sauce), grilled crab with chestnuts, strawberry mochi cakes, juice, ...

It is known that Kuromon was founded in 1902 and has always been famous. The market is most crowded and bustling in the morning. Therefore, if you want to feel the best atmosphere of the market, you can visit Kuromon at around 9 AM.

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Address: 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo

Opening hours: 9am to 2pm

Tsukiji Market was originally a market including wholesale fish auctions and outdoor market. But by October 2018, the auction site was moved to Toyosu and only the outdoor market was left. Visitors can reach Tsukiji Market from the central areas of Tokyo such as Ginza (10 minutes) and Simbashi (20 minutes). If you are far away, you can take the subway to Tsukiji Station, then walk an additional 3 minutes.

Visiting Tsukiji Market, visitors can find a lot of fish and seafood. Most of the spaces in the market are primarily for tourists. The shops and eateries here are quite diverse and rich with many different types of businesses.

The dishes at the market are also extremely attractive with many choices for diners such as sushi, don don (a bowl of rice with a variety of seafood topping), Japanese omelettes, fried fish cakes... Especially, you will also find both green tea and sake, the most typical drinks of the country.

Ueno Ameyoko Market, Tokyo

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Another one on the list of the best food markets in Japan is Ueno Ameyoko, a famous market located in Tokyo. The entrance of the market is right opposite Ueno station, so it's easy to find. In particular, the edge of the market is very close to many museums and galleries of Tokyo.

Known as an attractive food market, in Ueno Ameyoko Market you can find many delicious and typical dishes. But the most attractive and worth trying is probably the seasonal skewers of fresh fruit, menchi-katsu - a street food with bread and meat, mochi...

Omicho Fish Market, Kanazawa

5 best markets for foodies when coming to Japan

Address: 50 Kamiomicho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm

Located on the northern coast of Honshu Island, Kanazawa is Japan's great seasonal source of fresh fish and seafood. There are quite a few markets selling fish to the locals here. In particular, Omicho market is the most popular place for visitors.

Compared to other markets in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, Omicho Market seems to be a small market. However, it still owns about 200 stalls and restaurants. To get here from Kanazawa station, you just need to move about 1 km - about 15 minutes by walking.

The foods sold at Omicho Market are mostly fish, shrimp, squid... There are fresh food and processed food for guests who want to taste Kanazawa cuisine. In addition, you can find some interesting mushrooms, bamboo shoots, cucumbers and eggplant in Japanese style here.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the restaurants located on the 2nd floor of the market. With extremely diverse menus, these restaurants will be the best places to help you sample the Kanazawa's delicious seafood.

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