41-Year-Old Mom Looks Like A Hot 20-Something By Exercising…Less?

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Belinda Norton is 41 years old.

But with a body like hers, you’d think she was still in her 20s!

Belinda says now that she’s in her 40s, she’s achieved the body she’s always wanted…

…by exercising less.

That’s right – in her 20s, Belinda competed in triathlons regularly.

She ran 20 km every weekend, and on Sundays she went for a 120 km bike ride every morning.

All in all, she estimates that she was exercising for about 12 hours every week.

But when her 30s hit, Belinda decided to change things up.

“I used to exercise 12 hours a week.”

“I ate pretty good, always healthy food and I was mostly happy with my body,” she explains.

“I only NOW exercise six hours a week.”

“I eat six meals a day portioned to my body. My body is fully functional and highly energized.”

“This is my 41-year-old body and it’s carried me around for the last five years…

…unwavering in its abilities to bounce back daily."

“The only difference is a few more wrinkles…”

Now, her workouts center more around light cardio instead of intense and lengthy runs.

“It is all about light cardio training, repetitive weight training in targeted areas and speed training as well as a balanced diet,” she explains.

“Women also need to do cardio in the morning, not at night, for our optimal well-being and body shape.”

As for what she eats, there’s no sugar, dairy, or red meat anywhere in her diet.

“I am dairy-free due to my health choices.”

“I am asthmatic and I’ve noticed that since I cut it out I am not nasally, I have no eczema or skin problems and my skin is vibrant.”

She eats salmon twice a week, spinach five times a week…

…and the six meals she eats daily are no bigger than the size of two fists clenched together.

What do you think – does Belinda look like she’s still in her 20s?

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