4 Unusual symptoms that implicate you may have cancers

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Paying attention to a few small signs occuring during your meals can help you find out if you are at risk for cancer.

The signs of cancer are often unclear, causing many people to accidentally ignore them and end up seeing the doctor too late. However, you can still judge if you are at risk for cancer or not through some unusual symptoms while eating below.

4 Unsual signs that you may have cancer

1. Vomiting

One of the unusual signs that you need to pay attention to is a severe vomiting. When you encounter this condition regularly, you should go see your doctor right away because your risk of stomach cancer is very high.

People with stomach cancer often experience nausea, usually in this early stage. In addition, abdominal pain may also occur and it is related to stomach disease or pancreatic cancer.

4 Unusual symptoms that implicate you may have cancers
Be careful of unusual symptoms while eating. They are warnings of the emergence of cancers

2. Difficult to swallow

When you eat and you have difficulty swallowing, think about esophageal cancer immediately. At this time, you will feel uncomfortable, swallow hard to enjoy the food. This is a common sign in esophageal cancer, so it is best to quickly see a doctor immediately.

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4 Unusual symptoms that implicate you may have cancers

3. Abdominal bloating

While eating, if you experience a clear abdominal distention, you will need to be alert to the risk of stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer. To determine if you are suffering from any type of cancer, you must go to the hospital to check. Because the cancer will grow and spread over time, the sooner you find out about the disease, the higher chance you can be cured.

4 Unusual symptoms that implicate you may have cancers

4. Anorexia

Symptoms of anorexia that you experience while eating may be accompanied by fatigue and drowsiness. Many dangerous cancers  stem from anorexia, the most common of which is liver cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer.

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4 Unusual symptoms that implicate you may have cancers

Several ways to detect and prevent the risk of cancer early:

- For the liver: you should take a CT scan and alpha-fetoprotein test. In particular, people with a history of hepatitis B, alcoholism, eating greasy food, staying up late at regular intervals... should actively take regular health checks.

- For the pancrea: take a CT scan in conjunction with a gastric ultrasound test. People with alcoholism and a family history of pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis should also take the initiative to have a check-up.

- For the esophagus and the stomach: the best test is gastroscopy. For those who regularly skip breakfast, prefer sour, spicy and hot foods, do take the initiative to have a gastroscopy periodically to prevent the risk of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer.


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