4 tourist attractions that have opened in China as COVID-19 is controlled

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In China, the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few weeks has gradually been brought under control. People have gradually begun to return to their normal life. At the same time, the country began to show signs of recovery and many Chinese tourist sites have opened after a temporary closure.

However, to ensure the safety of all people and to prevent the spread of the disease, these destinations implement many measures such as limiting the number of visitors, measuring body temperature...

Great Wall of China

When the coronavirus pandemic hit China, the Great Wall - one of the symbolic destinations that attracts millions of visitors every year was forced to close. However, after 2 long months, this attraction recently reopened.

4 tourist attractions that have opened in China as COVID-19 is controlled

Reportedly, the section reopened is one of the most famous sections along the Great Wall, the Badaling section between Bei Liu Lou and Nan Wu Lou Ban. The site is also 43 km from Beijing.

After reopening, it will serve daily visitors from 9am to 4pm. However, to ensure safety, the number of visitors will be limited to 30% compared to normal. Besides, visitors are required to book in advance.

In addition, each visitor will also have to be checked the body temperature before entering. It is also required to wear a mask and maintain a distance of 1 meter from other travelers. Except for this area, other parts of the Great Wall remain closed, including the cable car section and the Great Wall Museum.

Shenyang open its museums

4 tourist attractions that have opened in China as COVID-19 is controlled

As a necessary act, many museums in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province, in Northeast China have made temporary closures to prevent the spread of the disease. And recently 8 museums have been reopened to the public.

According to the announcement from the museums, although they are open again, these locations will still take strict measures to prevent the disease. Specifically, museums such as the Shenyang Palace Museum, the Royal Palace of some Qing emperors (1644 - 1911) will operate and accommodate a limited number of guests. In addition, measures will be implemented including: checking body temperature, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors, etc. In addition, masks are also introduced to ensure safety for travelers.

Shanghai opens its libraries, museums and zoos

4 tourist attractions that have opened in China as COVID-19 is controlled

In China's largest city, Shanghai, all libraries have reopened. Besides, many leading tourist sites are also reopening with the simultaneous implementation of strict medical measures and reduced opening hours.

For example, the Shanghai Museum currently welcomes a maximum of 2,000 visitors a day, the Chinese Museum of Art is limited to 5,000 visitors. Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower are all reopened, and more than 300 parks are now allowing visitors to visit.

Both Shanghai Zoo and Beijing Zoo have reopened. Shanghai Disneyland is still closed, although the Shanghai Disney Resort was partially resumed on March 9, with a limited number of shopping, dining and entertainment activities currently in operation.

Wuhan gradually reopened

4 tourist attractions that have opened in China as COVID-19 is controlled

The epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wuhan, has been frozen since January 23. However, China has announced that the lockdown order would be lifted on April 8 in Hubei and Wuhan provinces. On the afternoon of March 23, a total of 115 "A-level" tourist sites in central Hubei Province were reopened to visitors. Of course, measures are still strictly enforced to ensure safety.

Many Chinese tourist sites have opened after the temporary closure be. However, this is only the period when the disease is gradually under control. At present, the severe consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have not been completely overcome, people have not returned to normal life.

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