4 Simple Effective Home Acne-Treatments

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Acne is always the "long suffering" of many people.

Each time acne appears, the girls rely on 1001 different acne treatments. Here Break will tell you 4 "deal" tips with these acne at home!

4 Simple, Effective Home Acne-Treatments

1. How to treat acne with fresh Garlic.

4 Simple  Effective Home Acne-Treatments

Referring to garlic, you will immediately think about spices. But really, garlic is a very good acne treatment. Garlic has antibacterial properties and reduces itching. This will be a great weapon to punish all kind of acnes. Besides, garlic also blurs dark spots and brightens skin.


  • Cut a thin slice of garlic and apply it directly to the acne spots. Or you can use cotton to soak garlic juice and apply on acne spots for about 5 minutes.

  • Then rinse with warm water.

  • Note that DO NOT apply to open acne marks! You will see unexpected results.

2. Using Cold Ice .

4 Simple  Effective Home Acne-Treatments
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If you feel that the spots are "rebellious", gently rub the skin a few times a day. Cold ice will help soothe and prevent acne pimples when it is just a germ. In addition, ice helps reduce inflammation and shrink pores.

3. How to Treat Acne with Green Tea

4 Simple  Effective Home Acne-Treatments
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Experts have acknowledged that green tea contains extremely high levels of antioxidants. So green tea can help antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, remove toxins. Anti-infection compounds in green tea leaves will "go straight" to the area of ​​acne. From there, it kills bacteria, returning light and moisturized skin. Very simple way to do it, you can apply green tea directly to acne-prone skin as a mask to treat acne 2-3 times / week.

4. Take Aspirin.

4 Simple  Effective Home Acne-Treatments

Aspirin has a quick, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, aspirin also works to treat acne, pustules, blackheads and pores. The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin have the ability to soothe the inflamed acne thereby reducing acne effectively.


  • Crush aspirin in a small bowl. Then add a few drops of water to create a mixture.
  • Apply Aspirin to acne and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with water, you will see the pimple diminishes miraculously.

Here are 4 simple home acne treatments that all women can do. However, if you have sensitive skin or is prone to irritation, you should check your allergy to the neck area first. If you feel "problematic" then you should not use!

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