4 Signs during sleep warning liver disease

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Nourishing the liver from the inside of the body is very important, so you need to be proactive in caring for and protecting your liver from harmful and harmful things. If your liver is not healthy then at night not only will your sleep be affected, but many other problems will also occur.

The liver is an organ responsible for important functions in metabolism and detoxification of the body. Once the liver has a problem, your body will contain many toxins stored inside. According to Oriental medicine, the liver is also closely related to sleep, so just one strange sign appearing in sleep will partly help you realize whether your liver health is good or bad.

4 Signs during sleep warning liver disease

What signs while sleeping warning liver disease?

To realize the health of the liver, you just need to see if you encounter 1 of the 4 conditions below when you sleep or not!

1. Or lose sleep, wake up easily at midnight

There are many people who often encounter sluggish sleep, even staying up all night, if they are motivated, they will wake up immediately. This is a sign that the liver is on fire, affecting the autonomic nerve on the liver's surface, making the patient often lose sleep at night.

4 Signs during sleep warning liver disease

Therefore, if you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night, especially in the 1-3am frame, then you should focus on getting a liver test.

2. You grind your teeth while you sleep

When you sleep, grinding teeth is when you have fallen into a deep sleep and it is difficult to realize what reactions you have during sleep. The liver is also nourished by the blood during sleep, so it makes it easier for the body to fall asleep.

4 Signs during sleep warning liver disease

If the blood circulation is poor, it will make the mind uneasy, thereby giving birth to dreaming, grinding teeth. When you find out that you encounter this phenomenon, you should proactively go to a doctor immediately because if you wait for a long time, it can affect the aesthetics, because teeth that are frequently friction together will be worn out, causing facial deformation.

3. Calf cramps

There are 3 reasons that will cause calf cramps when sleeping. The first is due to lack of oxygen to the blood due to high blood lipids, second is due to lack of calcium and the third is related to liver problems.

4 Signs during sleep warning liver disease

Because the liver also dominates the tendons, when the liver's function is impaired, the toxins in the body accumulate, which will affect the body's tendons and tendons naturally. As a result, you will experience calf cramps during persistent sleep. At this time, it is important to pay attention to whether there is any problem with the liver for early treatment.

4. Diarrhea at night

The liver is the organ that promotes bile secretion and governs the digestive system, so if the liver has a problem, the spleen as well as the stomach will be affected, making the bile not work well. This will cause you to have diarrhea at night, even when you are sleeping, you must wake up and run to the toilet immediately.

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