4 reasons you need to use micellar water now

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Using makeup remover is a necessary step to help clean the cosmetics and dirt on your skin surface after a long day of work.

Currently, the market has many types of makeup remover products such as micellar water, cream makeup remover and oil makeup remover. However, micellar water is still the most popular product for women. But why do you need to use micellar water?

4 reasons why you need micellar water

What is micellar water?

4 reasons you need to use micellar water now

Micellar water has long been trusted by makeup professionals due to its convenient, quick cleansing ability. With micellar water, you don't need to use pure water to wash your face again (like when using oil makeup remover). Micellar Water is the most popular makeup remover thanks to its soothing and non-irritating properties.

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The name Micellar originates from its own structure: Micelles - microscopic oil molecules surrounded by water. Besides, micellar water does not leave an "oily" feeling or unpleasant stickiness to the skin after using and still completely cleanse the makeup perfectly.

Why women need micellar water ?

Oil makeup removers are very good products to clean your makeup. However, not all women are familiar with the procedure of using oil makeup removers. This can cause oil to remain on your face, clogging the pores.

4 reasons you need to use micellar water now

This will cause acne on your skin unsightly. In addition, due to the powerful makeup remover feature, you with sensitive skin may be allergic to some components of oil makeup removers. Therefore, the advice is that you should use micellar water. It is more gentle, benign to the skin while still gets the job done perfectly.

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Time for skin care is limited

You're too busy with work and family. Then choose to use makeup remover to save time cleaning makeup every day. Just a cotton pad will apply makeup to fly away cleanly. No need to use it with water like oil or makeup remover. This convenient, quick way to use makeup is why makeup remover is so popular. A busy girl must have makeup remover - a reliable assistant to help clean the skin quickly.

You are looking for a clean, soothing product

4 reasons you need to use micellar water now

Cleansing milk gives a burning sensation. Oil makeup removers are too annoying to emulsify and makes it easy to feel oily on your skin. So micellar water is the product you should choose. Micellar water products are usually very gentle and benign to the skin with the breakthrough micellar formula. However, the cleansing ability of micellar water is still guaranteed to please the most demanding people.

However, there are still various types of micellar water suitable for each skin type. To get the best effect, you should choose the right micellar water for your skin.

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