4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

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With the advantage of overlooking the romantic Mediterranean Sea, these beachfront hotels are designed with high-class services.

Choose one of the 4 beautiful beachfront hotels in Greece below to have a luxurious vacation with great experiences.

The Romanos, Costa Navarino, Messinia

The Romanos, located in Costa Navarino in Messinia, is a miniature image of the Greek seaside life. The hotel is surrounded by the Mediterranean "taste", creating a romantic and romantic landscape that attracts a large number of tourists.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

The Romanos has a total area of ​​up to 320 acres, built with the ambition to develop a Costa Navarino into a tourist city both classic and modern. Luxury resort hotel combined with visiting the old town with shops, restaurants, cafes, classic swimming pools.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

With 321 rooms the hotel is divided into many different resorts such as buildings of suites, independent villas with infinity pool. The two luxury resorts of the hotel are Luxury Collection Resort, Royal Villa Koroni is the place that gives guests convenient experiences such as villas overlooking the sea, gym, spa...

Amanzoe, Peloponnese

If you love the sea views and peaceful countryside, the seaside hotel Amanzoe Greece is the best place to relax and visit Peloponnese.

Amanzoe year on a high hill surrounded by green olive trees. From the hotel, you can see the entire rural landscape on the dynamic side of the Peloponnese and the cool, clear Argosaronic Bay.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

Amanzoe's rooms are individually designed with a rooftop terrace and an infinity pool for guests to relax. Meanwhile, the isolated villas of Amanzoe are designed with scale from 1 to 9 bedrooms, chef service and butler service for visitors.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

Resort guests will experience the quiet space when the hotel has a private beach, four swimming pools with luxury spa rooms. In particular, you can use the tent built on the beach to experience the night sky and wake up to watch the sunrise with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

You can also plan to explore the beautiful city of Peloponnese or to fascinating archaeological sites like the ancient city of Halieis. Also, don't miss the chance to visit the splendid Spetses Island nearby.

Lichnos, Parga

The Lichnos beachfront resort is located right in the tranquil Lichnos Bay and stretches along the beach with the shimmering waters of the Ionia Sea. Lichnos has its own resort and apartment area, designed with an outdoor infinity pool overlooking the ocean, along with a restaurant and beach bar. Resort guests can enjoy using the utility services here.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

Lichnos Resort is surrounded by rolling green tree-lined hills to bring fresh space. Combined with beautiful natural surroundings, high-class service has made Lichnos the most luxurious resort in Parga, Epirus.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

Lichnos is built with lavish rooms and separate bungalows with sea views and a private balcony. The Prince Faisal Suite area is known as the most luxurious place with a beautiful villa along with two balconies, two bedrooms, a dining area and a living room. At the bungalows are designed with an outdoor jacuzzi. This is the best place to enjoy the romantic sunset.

Grecotel Mykonos Blu

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Hotel is perfectly located on the sandy Psaro beach, the hotel consists of beautiful small bungalows along with separate villas with enchanting views from the Aegean Sea. More specifically, Grecotel Mykonos Blu is very close to the vibrant tourist town of Mykonos that you can go by ferry or plane.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

The most striking feature of this beachfront hotel is probably in the colors of blue and white as the mainstream can be found everywhere. Grecotel Mykonos Blu mingles and blends perfectly with the typical architecture of Cycladic Island to create a tourist island similar to a peaceful, romantic blue sea paradise.

The hotel rooms are designed modernly, with full amenities and Mediterranean style, both luxurious and simple. In addition, the hotel also attracts tourists by having more than 20 swimming pools along with the unique infinity pool.

4 most luxury hotels on the Greek coast

Mykonos Blu also offers guests leisure activities such as spas, yoga classes. You can also visit the Mykonos islands, participate in activities such as yacht travel, kayaking, enjoying kebab sandwiches, grilled skewers...

Coming to the beautiful Greek beachfront hotels with high-class resort services will surely make you have a wonderful paradise holiday. Do not miss the opportunity to travel to beautiful Greece with attractive resorts on the Mediterranean coast here.

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