4 Most expensive coffees in the world

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With the believers of coffee, there is always the need to experience and explore a variety of different types of coffee.

  BREAK has explored and synthesize the most expensive coffees from different countries of the world.

Black Ivory Coffee – More than $500/pound

Black Ivory Coffee is made with cherry coffee collected from the feces of elephants in the Outback village of Ban Taklang in Surin Province, Thailand. The whole process is a long process, including steps such as combining cherry coffee into the favorite snacks of elephants such as bananas, tamarind and rice, and hopefully it will eat it.   

4 Most expensive coffees in the world
Source: Black Ivory Coffee

  After the cherry is eaten, they pass through the elephant's digestive system-a process that can take from 12 to 72 hours depending on the food intake already in their stomach before being checked by elephants. The cherries were then carefully chosen by the elephant caregivers and were washed, dried under the sun, then roasted and packed in a one-way van bag to ensure freshness. It takes about 33 kg of coffee beans to produce only 1kg of black, ivory coffee, and its limited number is why many people consider this to be one of the rarest coffees out there.  

4 Most expensive coffees in the world
Source: Thelifeofluxury

Finca El Injerto Coffee – $500/pound

4 Most expensive coffees in the world
Source: Robbreport

  This is the rarest (and smallest) coffee bean in the world. It was planted by the Aguirre family in the famous Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.  

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Hacienda La Esmeralda – More than $500/pound

4 Most expensive coffees in the world
Photo Courtesy of Hacienda La Esmeralda

  This coffee has won many of the first awards in coffee contests all over the world for years. It is planted on either side of Mount Baru in Panama under the guava shade. This rare coffee, delicious dish offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the connoisseurs with its great taste and rich flavor. It has packed a huge number of 350.25 dollars per pound at a recent auction.

Kopi Luwak-$160/pound

Kopi Luwak, or more appropriately, is poop Cat Tod, a Cat from Indonesia and is known worldwide for its unique and natural processing of coffee.  

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4 Most expensive coffees in the world
Source: Republicaroasters

  Palm Civet, also known as kittens, eats only the sweetest and freshest cherry blossoms.   Through the process of digestion, the coffee beans undergo mild fermentation and are deposited through the feces of cats. When roasted, beans collect super sweet and complex flavors of plum, tea and rose.  

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