4 miraculous benefits of putting dried orange peels in your pillow

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Traditional Chinese medicine shows that if you put some dried orange peels in your pillow, you will get a lot of benefits.

Oranges are a popular fruit, but when people eat oranges, they often throw away the peels. Orange peels are actually a treasure, as it has many benefits for our health, such as relax your mind, assist in clearing blood vessels...

The following article will share with you the effects of orange peels pillow, as stated by the China Nutrition and Health Food Association.

4 benefits of using pillow containing dried orange peels

1. Prevent cerebral infarction

4 miraculous benefits of putting dried orange peels in your pillow

Dried orange peels pillows can accelerate blood circulation in the brain, avoid aging and harden blood vessels, have a certain preventive effect on cerebral infarction in humans. In addition, orange peels also has certain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. People often use it as a pillow, this can also reduce the harmful effects of some viruses on human cells.

2. Lower blood pressure

Eastern medicine said that orange peels pillows also have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. For people who have excessive heat accumulation in the body, causing internal heat, this method has immediate effects. Using this type of pillowcase for a long time can also reduce the occurrence of hot flashes. People with high blood pressure should try it because the effect can be felt during use.

3. Calm nerves and help you sleep well

Soothing and easing our mind is an important effect of orange peels pillows. There is a lot of natural volatile oil in the orange peels, giving off even more aroma after being made into a pillow, thereby helping to regulate and soothe the nerves. It also works well for insomnia and neurasthenia.

4 miraculous benefits of putting dried orange peels in your pillow

4. Support to treat neck pain

Using a round pillow with an orange peels on the inside will help reshape the natural curve of the neck and neck area, thereby helping to restore the original working state of these parts. Has a quick analgesic effect on the infected person.

The cylindrical pillows can also be used as a massage to massage the neck and shoulders, reducing the pressure of the neck vertebrae. Using this kind of pillow gut will help you improve your pain more clearly.

How to make an dried-orange-peel-filled pillow

After you finish eating the oranges, keep the peels and dry them - put them on a white sheet of paper and expose them to the sun. Once they are about half dried, cut them into thin pieces with a knife or scissors. Continue to dry them until they are completely dry. Now, you can put a few dried orange peels into the pillow and use daily.

Some other remedies from orange peels

Treat motion sickness: About 1 hour before boarding, squeeze the orange peels and breath the fragrance into your nostrils, hold the orange peels before you in the car, this can effectively prevent motion sickness.

Treat coughing: Use 5 grams of dried orange peels, add a small amount of ginger and brown sugar to a cup of hot water, and drink. This has the effect of reducing phlegm and cough.

4 miraculous benefits of putting dried orange peels in your pillow

Cure bad breath: Orange peels is a good remedy to help you beat bad breath quickly and conveniently. The usage is very simple, you just need to boil the orange peels, cut small pieces and eat as a snack. The essential oil in orange peels helps clean the mouth effectively while keeping the teeth white and strong, avoiding the plaque that causes gingivitis.

Treat stomachache: Take 3 grams of dried orange peels, 6 grams of ginger, a little brown sugar. Fill the pot with 2 full bowls of water, boil 1 cup left. After boiling, add a little brown sugar and drink.

Cure hoarseness: Take 20 grams of orange peels, 2 pears. Juice the pears after washing. Put orange peels in the pear juice, cook in a bain-marie and drink 3 times a day to treat acute laryngitis, hoarseness.

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