4 Junk Foods Can Cause Major Damage To Men Fertility

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Junk food is also known as low nutrition food, they give low value of health benefit and most likely to deliver negative impact to your health, especially sexual health on men. Here are 4 junk foods that have potential to harm male sperm count.

It may now be safe to assume and say that processed foods are bad news. Recently linked with a risk of early death and many diseases and disorders, a recent study has also linked them to men's sexual health. According to recent research, high-fat, processed foods can cause damage to sperm. The study, conducted by Harvard University, studied over 3000 men aged between 18 to 20 and found that men who followed a vegetarian diet rich in fruits and veggies and men who ate chicken and fish had a higher sperm count in comparison to those who have a diet that included processed meats and junk food. 

The results of the research will be presented this week at the annual European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Vienna. The diet one follows can have a big impact on sexual health and particularly the sperm count. Here are 4 food items or groups that you must avoid, as they may harm your fertility and sperm count.

Processed Meats

4 Junk Foods Can Cause Major Damage To Men Fertility

A “western diet” with processed meats has been linked with reduced sperm count in the study by Harvard University. Some other studies have also linked the consumption of processed meats with altered sperm motility. It is recommended that you cut off processed meats like hot dogs, salami, beef, bacon, etc. from your diet to reduce your risk of reduced sperm count. 

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Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages or sports drinks and similar beverages can have an adverse impact on sperm health. A study published in Human Reproduction found that the consumption of carbonated beverages can be harmful to the sperms as it leads to poor sperm motility. 

Cheese and full-fat dairy products

4 Junk Foods Can Cause Major Damage To Men Fertility

Another study published in Human Reproduction found that the consumption of cheese and full-fat dairy products like full-cream milk can have an adverse impact on the sperm count in men. While dairy does provide some very important nutrients for the body like calcium, vitamin D, etc., its impact on the sperm count is proven to be negative.

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Soy products

99 men from fertility clinics in Boston were studied to find that soy products may not be the best food for men if they do not want to mess up their sperm count. Soy products contain phytoestrogens – estrogen-like compounds that come from plants. Excessive soy intake may reduce sperm count as soy isoflavones are associated with low sperm concentration.

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