4 Interesting Things Yawning Are Telling You

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It has been a long day and you couldn't help yourself but yawning constantly while on the car or on the dinner table, you just wanted to go to sleep. But aside from wanting your body to go sleep mode or take a quick nap. Here are 4 fascinating things that your yawns are trying to make your body do.

You really like that person.


4 Interesting Things Yawning Are Telling You

Yawns truly are contagious. Experts believe we may have evolved to catch other people's yawns as a way of displaying empathy for one another and deepening those social bonds. So it makes sense that further research discovered that yawns are more contagious the closer you are to someone. In a 2011 study, researchers found that yawns were most contagious between family members, followed by between friends, and least contagious between strangers. When yawns did spread between strangers, it took longer for that second yawn to start than when yawns spread between family and friends. 

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Your brain needs cooling.


4 Interesting Things Yawning Are Telling You

In the search for a scientific explanation for why we yawn, the latest theory to arise is that yawning basically gives your brain some fresh air—and cools it down. Further supporting this theory was a 2011 study that found that people yawn more during cooler months and less when the outside temperature is warmer. The cooling of the brain would in turn give us the extra energy we need in moments when we let out a big yawn—and because sleep deprivation increases brain temp, we may need extra yawns when we're sleepy for additional cooling power. 

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You have a big brain.

4 Interesting Things Yawning Are Telling You

Apparently the bigger your yawn, the bigger your brain, according to a recent report in the journal Biology Letters. The researchers found that mammals that let out big, long yawns (like, oh, humans!) had heavier brains with a higher number of brain cells. Assuming that yawns do indeed cool the brain in order to energize it, bigger brains with more neurons would require more oxygen to wake things up, therefore resulting in bigger yawns, the thinking goes.

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You could be having a heart attack.

4 Interesting Things Yawning Are Telling You

Or a stroke. Or you might have a tumor. But before you freak: Only excessive yawning, way more yawning than you'd ever expect to produce, is linked to these harrowing health concerns. Heart attacks can stimulate the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the abdomen, leading to a reaction that could trigger excessive yawning. Researchers have used MRIs to examine the location of tumors or blockages in the brain, but questions still remain as to how those might disrupt pathways that lead to yawning. People with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis also often report frequent to excessive yawning. These conditions (as well as migraine headaches and even anxiety) have been linked to problems regulating brain temperature—so excessive yawning may be the body's attempt to help out. 

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