4 Foot signs indicate kidney health

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You can completely tell whether the health of your kidneys is good or bad through the following unusual features in the foot.

As we all know, the kidneys are responsible for the elimination of toxins in the body. In particular, the kidneys also have a link through the feet, so you can know whether the health of the kidney area is good or bad.

If the kidneys are not healthy, the body will contain many toxins, which have negative effects on health. In the event that the foot has the following 4 unusual features, you should proactively go to the doctor right away.

4 Foot signs indicate kidney health

How to know the health of the kidneys through the feet?

1. Swollen, spastic feet

The kidneys can metabolize water in the body, so if there is a problem, it is very easy to accumulate water inside. When standing up, the water hits your feet and makes you feel uncomfortable. At this point, the foot will become swollen and stiff, so you cannot do anything but sit still.

4 Foot signs indicate kidney health

2. The little toe hurts

Sudden little toe pain also implies that the health of your kidneys is not good. Because renal meridians originate from the feet, so when the kidney qi in the body is insufficient, this implicitly warns that health is gradually weakening.

4 Foot signs indicate kidney health

3. Cold feet

If the kidneys are healthy, the kidneys in the body are also stable and generate a source of warm energy from within. However, when the kidneys have problems, the kidney qi in the body will not work well, thereby causing cold air to enter the body. This will make the feet cold because the blood circulation is not working properly.

4 Foot signs indicate kidney health

4. Tingling feet

The last point to help you realize the health of your kidney area is the tingling in the feet. This is when the kidneys are not fine because the kidneys are not circulating in the body, so when walking, you often feel pain and tingling in the feet.

To overcome this situation, you need to work hard regularly to help blood circulation better.

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