4 Foods to eat before exercising help to be healthy and lose weight effectively

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If you do not eat anything before exercising, it will be difficult to achieve the effect you want. But eating these 4 foods has the opposite result, not only that they also support weight loss very well.

Perhaps the best way to keep your body healthy and toned is nothing but regular exercise. Almost everyone exercising has the same purpose as gaining weight, losing weight, maintaining body shape or relieving stress ... But in general, training to lose fat is always the ultimate goal of every woman.

In order to practice "smoother", it is impossible to forget to incorporate additional diet. According to Aja Gyimah - nutritionist and founder of health care app Kuudose, eating before training is not paying much attention, but it helps us burn fat and nourish muscles better.

So, to increase the effectiveness of exercise, we need to recharge before exercising and these 4 foods are the first choice.

4 Foods to eat before exercising help to be healthy and lose weight effectively

Which foods help to lose weight effectively?

1. Banana

If you're in a hurry to practice and still want a snack, then nothing is more ideal than eating a banana. In one banana, there are quite a few nutrients such as potassium, vitamins B6, C, magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber, and protein ... which are beneficial for health. But most notably it is completely fat-free so it is very "friendly" with the diet.

"Bananas are the first food I always remind people to eat before going to work. With just 1 small fruit, it will fully energize you during the workout, help you not get tired and speed up your metabolism. The substance helps burn fat faster. For gym people, eat bananas with peanut butter to get more protein "- Celebrity coach Andrea Marcellus shared.

4 Foods to eat before exercising help to be healthy and lose weight effectively

2. Whole grains

Whole grains are the quintessence of nuts. Each part of it contains its own benefits such as:

- Bran membrane: Is a thin shell to protect the seeds, it contains a lot of fiber, B vitamins and many essential minerals good for fitness.

- Germ: Possessing a variety of vitamins B, E and good fats that are not harmful to health.

- Embryo: The inner core of a grain rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, B1, B5, D1, protein ... has nourishing benefits during exercise.

If you regularly eat cereals before exercising, you will help your body prevent heart disease, support the digestive system and quickly lose weight by suppressing appetite ... For women in particular, whole grains Also good for baby development during pregnancy and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

4 Foods to eat before exercising help to be healthy and lose weight effectively

3. Oats

When expert Gyimah plays basketball, the first thing she does before the start of the match is to eat a bowl of oats. According to her, oats have similar functions to whole grains but are "toned" and provide more energy. Thanks to this, the body will always be in a healthy state while the fat is still burning evenly.

Despite being good, Ms. Gyimah still reminded that eating a lot of oats can cause bloating, so just eat a small bowl 30 minutes before training. Also, if you use oatmeal or related foods, make sure they don't contain too much sugar to avoid a counter effect.

4 Foods to eat before exercising help to be healthy and lose weight effectively

4. Yogurt with fruit

Referring to a snack that is both full and delicious without causing fat, there must be a name for yogurt. If combined with fruit, they will be a great source of carbohydrates, water and protein for the body. Not to mention they are food that most homes are also available, just mix together and eat.

However, to achieve the maximum weight loss effect, you should choose sugar-free yogurt with less sweet fruits, such as coconut yogurt or banana yogurt ... Eat 30 minutes before training for your body. has time to absorb and convert into energy. Just 1 small cup a day combined with regular exercise, any excess fat is difficult to "gather".

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