4 Foods that can easily damage your kidneys if you eat a lot

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You may be surprised to learn that there are many foods that can cause kidney damage, even those that are considered healthy. Make sure you don't overdo any of the following 4 foods.

Kidney stones are one of the common urinary and genital diseases in Vietnam. The cause of kidney stones is metabolic disorders. Therefore, people with kidney stones need to have a proper diet to avoid making the condition worse. Problems such as kidney stones should be eaten, and fasting becomes very important.

4 Foods that can easily damage your kidneys if you eat a lot

Foods that cause kidney damage

1. Processed meat

Processed meat is a popular dish today, including bacon, ham, sausage ... However, to extend the shelf life and increase the flavor of these meats, manufacturers A large amount of salt and additives will be added to the meat during processing.

Salt after entering the human body will be converted into sodium ions. Sodium itself is a by-product of kidney metabolism, excessive use of sodium ions is sure to increase the metabolic burden on the kidney.

Moreover, the accumulation of sodium ions in the blood also blocks the composition of water in the blood, leading to increased blood volume, retention of water and sodium, which in turn causes high blood pressure. There is a vicious cycle between hypertension and chronic kidney disease, reduced kidney function will aggravate the symptoms of hypertension, and hypertension will put the kidneys in a very high state of perfusion and dialysis, increasing their damage. kidney injury.

Therefore, the less processed meats, the better. Eat fresh foods as much as possible to control salt intake.

2. Foods with high purines content

Beer and crayfish are both representative of high purine foods, which are also a hobby for many in the summer. Beer has a diuretic effect, seems to help the kidneys to excrete waste, but beer is a high calorie food, and beer also contains a large amount of purine content, and foods such as crayfish, clams Shellfish also contains purine.

Eating and drinking too much of these foods will cause the uric acid level in the body to exceed the standard and increase the metabolic burden of the kidneys. Accumulation also precipitates urate crystals in the body, and these crystals continue to accumulate in the kidney, not only increasing the risk of kidney stones, but also damaging kidney parenchyma and aggravating the development of the disease. kidney.

4 Foods that can easily damage your kidneys if you eat a lot

3. Protein rich foods

There are many high protein foods, such as poultry, eggs and milk ... In normal circumstances, protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. But it is one of the hardest jobs the kidneys have to do.

Consuming large amounts of protein-rich foods over a long period of time will lead to too much metabolic waste containing uric acid and nitrogen in the body, which will increase the metabolic burden on the kidneys and promote the development of kidney disease. . For these reasons, a high protein diet is not recommended for people with kidney disease.

4. Carambola fruit

The reason why starfruit is chosen among many fruits is not good for the kidneys, because star fruit has a clear toxicity, even people with normal kidney function, if the body is in water shortage. and starvation, starvation will cause a sharp increase in blood creatinine, in severe cases can even cause acute renal failure. This is mainly due to the presence of neurotoxins and oxalic acid in starfruit.
People with special kidney disease should not eat well

For patients who already have kidney disease, if they consume too much star fruit at the same time, neurotoxic substances will cause loss of consciousness, limb weakness, numbness, ... and aggravate the symptoms of kidney disease. .

If you do not want kidney disease to look to you, the following 4 must also be done.

4 Foods that can easily damage your kidneys if you eat a lot

Good habits help prevent kidney disease

1. Drink enough water

The reason why the kidney has a detoxifying function is directly related to water, which is the main component of urine. Only when the body is drinking enough water, the kidneys can produce urine and flush out the toxins in the body. According to science, the daily amount of drinking water for adults should be maintained at about 2000ml.

2. Avoid urinating

When drinking water, you have to urinate. Many people develop a bad habit of not urinating. As everyone knows, keeping urine is not only the culprit that causes diseases of the urinary system, but also one of the factors causing chronic kidney disease. Because urine contains not only water, but also various metabolic wastes, if they are stored in the bladder for too long, a large number of bacteria will grow and they can flow back into the kidneys, because That causes kidney damage.

4 Foods that can easily damage your kidneys if you eat a lot

3. Do not abuse drugs

Many people who get sick often buy medicines by themselves without going to the hospital for a checkup. However, after years of clinical research, it has been discovered that whether herbal or Western, it can be toxic to the kidneys. If taken blindly in large amounts, not only is it not effective in treating the disease, but can also cause kidney damage;

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Diet and kidney health are closely related. A healthy diet does not require people to say goodbye to a certain food, but eating 3 meals a day, reducing Food intake affects the kidneys, such as high-salt, high-calorie and purine foods.

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