4 Foods that are not eaten to prevent liver cancer

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The liver is an important metabolic center in the human body. At the same time, the liver also has important functions such as detoxification and excretion, once the liver develops into extremely dangerous cancer.

The annual death rate of liver cancer is second only to stomach and lung cancer. According to research and research, 70% of liver cancer develops from hepatitis B. Therefore, the prevention of liver cancer is very important.

Foods not eaten to prevent liver cancer

1. Food is moldy

Liver cancer can be caused by molds. Some cereal grains, if not well preserved, can easily become moldy. At this time, they will produce aflatoxin - the culprit causing liver cancer extremely dangerous. Therefore, store grains or some other foods in a cool, dry place and remove broken seeds before cooking.

4 Foods that are not eaten to prevent liver cancer

2. Don't eat or eat less pickled vegetables

The pickles are delicious, especially for summer. However, in general green vegetables contain nitrate salts. While pickled salts and nitrates are affected by bacteria in the environment, they cause an oxidation reaction to convert to nitrite.

When you eat melon, the acid content in the stomach will create conditions for nitrite to affect amino acids in dishes such as meat, fish, shrimp ... to form a compound of nitrosamine - a substance capable of causing cancer.

3. Do not drink alcohol

Frequent drinking of alcohol will affect the stomach lining, once the stomach lining is damaged, the toxic substances in food are easily absorbed by the stomach, easily cause alcohol-induced hepatitis, damaging the digestive function. Liver toxicity, even causing alcoholic cirrhosis.

4 Foods that are not eaten to prevent liver cancer

4. Cooking oil for too long or reused many times

Leaving cooking oil for too long will be very easy to produce polymers. They react with proteins and alter the structure of cells, which can promote cancer cells. Not only that, the polymer also impedes cell regeneration, accelerating aging. Therefore, you should limit food storage for too long and do not reuse fried oil.

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4 Foods to eat to protect the liver

1. Fruits and vegetables

The vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruits and vegetables are the "medicine" for the liver, which protects and fights cancer cells. Especially carrots and citrus fruits have a very good effect on preventing liver cancer. Experts recommend eating 5 fruits and vegetables each day, including drinking fruit juice, total daily intake of fruits and vegetables is about 400-800 grams, which can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. liver letter.

4 Foods that are not eaten to prevent liver cancer

2. Drink tea

An epidemiologist at UCLA (University of Maryland) suggests that the average person should drink only 2-3 cups of tea daily (cup of tea) to receive health benefits.

A major study in Japan has published that drinking green tea every day has improved blood markers related to liver health. In addition, people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) drinking green tea for 12 weeks will improve liver enzyme levels thanks to the rich antioxidants from this food. At the same time, green tea helps handle the oxidation as well as fat build up in the liver.

On the other hand, according to statisticians, the risk of liver cancer in tea drinkers is significantly lower than those who do not. Moreover, besides green tea, red tea also has the ability to improve the concentration of enzymes and fat in the liver.

3. Consumption of dairy products

Milk and dairy products have a high nutritional value, full of essential nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Medical research has proven that if you consume dairy products, including milk and yogurt, and control alcohol consumption, the risk of liver cancer is reduced by 78%. People with liver cancer should supplement this food group to help prevent the risk of disease recurrence.

4 Foods that are not eaten to prevent liver cancer

4. Eat white meat

To provide protein for the body, people with liver cancer can eat white meats. Not only do they provide easy-to-absorb protein, but they don't cause as much harm to the body as red meats. In particular, fish meat contains omega-3, omega-6 which helps to prevent cancer extremely effectively. However, for people with liver cancer, it is advisable to prepare them boiled or steamed to reduce the fat and easy to digest.

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