4 Foods should not be eaten with tomatoes because it is easy to affect health

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Tomatoes are a popular fruit, rich in nutrients, but extremely delicious. Although it is a healthy food, there are some "taboos" when used, especially not to eat with some of the following foods.

Tomatoes are both a vegetable and a fruit. It has bright colors, sweet and sour taste, suitable for all ages. In particular, tomatoes are a fruit with a protective effect on health.

Girls love tomatoes, because tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, helps lighten the skin, maintain the activity of the skin, prevent aging. In addition, lycopene in tomatoes can prevent harmful ultraviolet rays, is a kind of "sunscreen" for everyone.

Regularly eating tomatoes not only helps you have beautiful skin, but also improves digestion and fitness. Tomatoes have so many uses, due in part to how you use them, eat them properly. If you eat tomatoes with the following foods, the effects are not to mention the health risks have hit.

4 Foods should not be eaten with tomatoes because it is easy to affect health

These foods should not be eaten with tomatoes

1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious food, as healthy as tomatoes. They contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and trace elements, which are recognized as foods that help to prolong life.

However, these two good foods are not to be eaten together. Because sweet potatoes have a high starch content, when they enter the body there will be fermentation reactions, creating acidic substances. This substance with pectin in tomatoes will react to each other, causing discomfort in the digestive tract. Therefore, we should not eat tomatoes with sweet potatoes.

4 Foods should not be eaten with tomatoes because it is easy to affect health

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers and tomatoes are both summer fruits, both refreshing and nutritious. Cucumber contains a lot of water, has a cooling effect, quench thirst. Besides, this fruit also contains high levels of vitamins, nourishes the body, moisturizes the skin.

Cucumbers have a substance called proteolytic enzymes, which affect the vitamins in tomatoes. Enzyme that will break down vitamin C, losing effect of tomatoes bring. Therefore, we often see dieters, dieters often eat cucumber salad and tomatoes to reduce the amount of calories that can be absorbed by the body.

So, if you do not need to diet, lose weight but want your body to be absorbed all the nutrients from these 2 vegetables, it is best not to eat them at the same time.

4 Foods should not be eaten with tomatoes because it is easy to affect health

3. Crab

Crab is a seafood rich in trace elements, proteins, amino acids and other essential nutrients for the body. Because it is a seafood, if eaten with tomatoes containing vitamin C, they will create a chemical reaction, forming toxic substances, threatening to human life. Therefore, you should not risk eating crabs with tomatoes.

4 Foods should not be eaten with tomatoes because it is easy to affect health

4. White sugar

Mashed tomatoes, mixed with sugar is a simple dish, refreshing in the summer. However, some people will have adverse reactions after eating this dish such as abdominal pain, diarrhea.

This is in this dish appears a kind of flukes, temporarily called "flukes of sweets" "work". They like to eat sugar, malt candy, syrup. So when we eat tomatoes with white sugar, they will go into the abdomen, causing diarrhea, even slow intestinal ulcers. The best way is to replace white sugar with honey, which is both delicious and healthy.

In addition to some of the foods not eaten with tomatoes mentioned above, we should also note the following:

- Do not eat tomatoes when hungry: Because when hungry, stomach acid secretes much, very easy to react with some substances in tomatoes, causing abdominal pain, flatulence.

- Do not eat green tomatoes: Unripe tomatoes contain solanine toxic, eat more will be dizzy, nausea.

- When choosing tomatoes, you should choose big, plump, regular colors.

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